Contest Rules & Information

Southeast District

  • General Rules
    Everyone should be familiar with these rules that govern all contests
  • Air Rifle Rules
    Superintendent: Andrea Stapp and Sandra Barraza Updated February 2017
  • Archery
    Superintendent: Marlee Runyan; Updated February 2017

CDM Classes for District Contest 2018

  • Toothpaste.
  • Place Settings.
  • Healthy Snacks.
  • Wearable Technology.

Novice will give reasons in Healthy Snacks

Juniors will give reasons in Healthy Snacks & Wearable Technology

Study Materials are available on the State Conference Website under Consumer Decision Making.

To make the schedule, Please send me the following information for each contestant by June 13th to Glenda Belcher:


            Age: Novice or Junior

            Copy of Recipe

            Time needed to prepare

            Time needed to cook
  • FCS Skill-a-thon
    Superintendents: Jennah McKinley and Brenda Bishop Revised July 2017 Note: The National Contest updated in March, but we have chosen to stay with the list we revised last year. A new list will be prepared for 2019
  • The Healthy Snack Guide from the Consumer Decision Making Manual will be used for the consumer class.
  • In addition to the Test Bank, 2018 questions will come from the Consumer Decision Making Contest Materials: Healthy Snacks, Toothpaste, and the Babysitting Project Book.

Please submit 40 questions per county to Brenda Bishop by June 10th.

  • Horse Bowl
    Superintendents: Jason Lamb and Sid Gordon
  • Meats
    Superintendents: Ryan Craig and Wayne Cox
  • Rifle
    Superintendent: Aspen Achen
  • Shotgun
    Superintendents: Ryan Craig and Wayne Shockey; Updated March 2017
  • Wildlife
    Superintendents: Marlee Runyan and Wayne Shockey; Updated June 2017