About This Project

Six Learning Sessions

This project includes six learning sessions. Each experience should give 4-Hers some learning time, an opportunity for guided practice in taking photos with digital cameras, and a chance to manipulate photos with digital software then post those photos to an online photography database. Each learning session should be approximately 2 hours in length, and 4-Hers should expect to do some work "on their own" between project meetings.

Necessary Tools

Each 4-Her Should Have:

  • Digital camera, or a phone or device that can take pictures for use during project meetings and on his/her own. (It may work to share devices.)
  • Cables for connecting the camera/device to the computer, or a photo card reader
  • Batteries or charging capability for device
  • Sufficient available memory on a camera or device – or a memory card – to store digital photos.
  • Basic computer skills, including the ability to use a webpage.
  • Access to a computer or device with Internet access.

Meeting Location Should Include:

  • Computer lab with Internet access, preferably one computer for each learner, or one computer for 2-3 learners.
  • Main computer with projector, presentation software such as Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint, image manipulation software, and album or slideshow capabilities. The leader will use this computer each meeting.
  • Image editing software – tutorials in this project are for Adobe Photoshop Elements.
  • Image album software – tutorials in this project are for Adobe Photoshop Album.