Irrigation Water Management for Monitoring and Modeling On Farm Soil Salinity

Rio Grande Basin Initiative

This project “irrigation water management for monitoring and modeling on farm salinity” was initiated in June 2006. In arid and semi-arid regions, low water availability is commonly considered a major water-resources problem however; poor water quality may be equally important or of greater importance. It is well known that the soil moisture content is an important parameter for agricultural, hydrological and meteorological research. The continuous onsite measurement of soil moisture content and solute concentration is important for crop production as well for the objectives of the project. During 2007-08, the targeted objectives of the project were: (1) determination of relationships between soil temperature, soil salinity and soil moisture content, (2) determination of the soil profile chloride and nitrate-N concentrations during irrigation events and on a monthly basis to quantify the variations with respect to leaching and evaporation dynamics and (3) calculation of water balance under two irrigation systems.