Jordan Woodbury

Image of Jordan Woodbury

Year: Sophomore

Major: Animal Science, Science option

Dream Job: My dream job is to work for a feed company and design and market feed products as well as interact with local ranchers, dairy producers and feedlots to help people design feed rations to enhance their productivity.

Favorite NMSU Experience: My favorite NMSU experience is getting to meet new people and get involved in different clubs and teams. Some of these events include: the Homecoming football games, the ACES branding ceremony, the ACES night out event, and getting to travel to different competitions and judge wool.

Who is your biggest influence and why? My biggest influence is my family, because they are always there to support me and give me encouragement. I would not be here today without all of their support. Also, my high school science teacher who encouraged me to take my education to the next level and to be excited about learning.

Favorite musical artist: I enjoy all types of music but I tend to listen to George Strait.

Favorite TV Show: Reba

Favorite extracurricular activity and why? My favorite extracurricular activity is roping because it is something I can challenge myself with and spend my time outdoors riding horses, as well as relieve stress.

My superpower would be: Time travel, then I could be anywhere at any time and get to experience more things.