Kaitlyn Wee

Image of Kaitlyn Wee

Year: Senior

Major: Animal Science

Dream Job: Veterinarian

Favorite NMSU Experience: My favorite NMSU experience wasn't really a fun event here at NMSU. Rather, it was my favorite class. Physiology of Reproduction was my absolute favorite class and I enjoyed going every day. I learned so much in that class and it really opened my eyes. Physiology of Reproduction was my favorite experience at NMSU.

Who is your biggest influence and why? I have a couple people who have influenced me greatly. First, Dr. Britton Bradberry, a veterinarian I used to work for. He helped me pursue my dream toward becoming a veterinarian. The other is Dr. Julie Gray. I currently work for her and I hope to someday be a great veterinarian like her and own my own practice.

Favorite musical artist: Tom Petty

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite extracurricular activity and why? I really enjoy working at my veterinary practice and learning more and more about veterinary medicine. I also like to walk my dogs, watch movies, go shooting and relax in my free time.

My superpower would be: Super intelligence.