Tessa Lee

Image of Tessa Lee

Year: Junior

Major: AXED - Teaching option

Dream Job: My dream job is being an ag teacher back in my home town, where I can inspire students the way my ag teachers inspired me.

Favorite NMSU Experience: My favorite NMSU experience is Homecoming when everyone gets together and celebrates our beautiful school. Also, just walking down the halls here in the ACES College, everyone treats you like family.

Who is your biggest influence and why? My biggest influence would be my momma, she is the strongest person I know and she has taught me to follow my dreams.

Favorite musical artist: George Strait

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones!

Favorite extracurricular activity and why? FFA! The best extracurricular activity is FFA, and after you get out of high school, you get to participate in it in college here at NMSU. It teaches you leadership and grows friendships.

My superpower would be: Power mimicry! The ability to choose what power I want from other's super powers!