Brooke Baca

Image of Brooke Baca

Name: Brooke Baca

Major: Clothing, Textile & Fashion Merchandising

Hometown: Milan, New Mexico

Dream Job: Own my own small Boutique.

Favorite NMSU Experience/ What advice do you have for other students: Doing the Freshmen walk down campus it was scary and exciting all at the same. The one piece of advice I could give is to go class, nothing will ever be more important than class, believe me I've tried all the excuses.

Who is your biggest role model: My older sister because she has not only showed my what not to do in life but how to work hard and never give up she makes me challenge myself in ways that I would have ever thought possible.

What is your favorite quote My favorite quote is "I will walk by faith even when I cannot see." 2 Corinthians 5:7

Favorite music artist: Shania Twain.

Favorite Snack: Tortilla and Cheese or Cereal.

Favorite extracurricular activity: To watch Netflix or read a really good romance novel.

What would your superpower be: To be able to read minds.