Justus Haefner

image of Justus Haefner

Name: Justus Haefner

Major: Animal Science

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown:Roswell, New Mexico

Dream Job: A nutritionist for a dairy

Favorite NMSU Experience / What advice do you have for other students?
Favorite NMSU experience- Branding ceremony

Advice- I would tell students to get involved in every way possible at NMSU

Who is your biggest role model? Joseph Haefner- My Dad

What is your favorite quote? "A gun is like a woman, son, It's all how you hold her" -Aaron Lewis

Favorite music artist: Merle Haggard

Favorite TV Show: Blue Bloods

Favorite Snack: Oreos

Favorite extracurricular activity and why? Washing my truck

What would your superpower be? Shape shifting