Makayla Richardson

Image of Makayla Richardson

Name: Makayla Richardson

Major: Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Radium Springs, New Mexico

Dream Job: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine specializing in Diseases

Favorite NMSU Experience / What advice do you have for other students? My favorite NMSU experience is 'Welcome Home Aggies' its so much fun to just hang out with others from the college and have a great time playing games. My advice to other students is to learn to manage your time in order to get the full college experience.

Who is your biggest role model? There are way too many to choose from, so many people have influences my life in different ways and I look up to all other them. My role models come from my family, professors/teachers, and other students.

What is your favorite quote? "Everything happens for a reason"

Favorite music artist: King George Strait

Favorite TV Show: 'Code Black' and 'Once Upon a Time'

Favorite Snack: Apples and Peanut Butter

Favorite extracurricular activity and why? Riding horses, rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, swimming, and cooking

What would your superpower be? Teleportation, that way I would never be late and could go anywhere!