Tyrah Johnson

Image of Tyrah Johnson

Name: Tyrah Johnson

Major: AEAB

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Roswell, New Mexico

Dream Job: Secretary of Agriculture for New Mexico

Favorite NMSU Experience / What advice do you have for other students? My favorite NMSU experience so far would have to be all the football, basketball, and baseball games. I also enjoyed doing the freshmen walk around campus. Advice that I have for other students is to get involved and be a part of something bigger than yourself. It gives you the opportunity to build your resume, find amazing friends, and keeps you from being bored.

Who is your biggest role model? My biggest role models would have to be my mom and my aunt. They are both the perfect example of what a women of God should look like and are my biggest supporters.

What is your favorite quote? I don’t smile to hide pain or laugh to hold tears back. I smile because I’m happy, and laugh because I’m blessed.

Favorite music artist: Aaron Watson

Favorite TV Show: Friends or Gilmore Girls

Favorite Snack: Jalapeño chips

Favorite extracurricular activity and why? Hiking and Fishing

What would your superpower be? To be able to talk to animals