Major: Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business

General and Departmental Requirements

The link General and Departmental Requirements with Concentration choices provides information for a Major in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business from the 2016-2017 NMSU Undergraduate Catalog.

Areas of Concentration

  • "Areas of Concentration" - 2014-15 and newer

    Students entering the program during the 2014-15 academic year are now required to select from one of four concentration areas to accompany their degree plan. Banner will default to the General Agricultural Economics concentration when running degree audits if no selection is made. To ensure timely advice and guidance, students need to inform their adviser which concentration they have chosen.

*NOTE: Students entering the Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business program and selecting the AEAB major under the 2013-14 academic year or before may select one of the following Areas of Concentration to include in their degree plan. Please click on the link Areas of Concentration if you wish to pursue one of these areas to view the course requirements listed for each one.

  • Farm Business Management
  • Ranch Business Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Computer Applications and Data Management
  • Agricultural Communications
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Agricultural Chemical Sales
  • Agricultural Records and Financial Controls
  • International Agricultural Business
  • International Development
  • Environmental Economics
  • Pre-Law
  • Quantitative Skills/Theory (MS-Prep)

Interested in Graduate School?

  • If you have an interest in pursuing graduate studies at NMSU, particularly in our programs (MS-AEEC, MAG-AGRIBUS, MBA-AGRIBUS), please take the time to consult with your undergraduate advisor on pre-requisites and grade requirements early on in your undergraduate program to better prepare for your initial acceptance into a graduate program. Most of the core requirements for NMSU's MBA-AGRIBUS degree require pre-requisites that must be completed with a B or better before enrolling in their courses. Additionally, in consultation with your undergraduate advisor, you can prepare and take additional courses that are not necessarily part of your undergraduate degree but will be required for entry into our Master of Science in Agricultural Economics or the Master of Agriculture degree programs (i.e., ECON 371, ECON 372, AG E 340, etc.) that may also require grades of B or better. This will help you to avoid having to make up deficiencies during your first or second semester and you can begin your graduate program with ease.

More information on our graduate programs can be found on our department's graduate program website AEAB Graduate Programs.

Degree Plans by Academic Year

AEAB Degree Plans by are listed below by academic year. Click on the link to view the document in a printable pdf format. Please be advised that any item listed in these advising sheets is subject to modification at any time. Any updates will replace the current links.