Extension Specialists

Judy Finley

Judy Finley is an Extension Associate, and serves as an Agriculture and Small Business Development Agent with the RAIPAP team.

NMSU and Extension is truly a family affair for Finley. She lives in Mora, New Mexico with her husband, Clarence "Skip" Finley, Mora County Extension Agent. They have three beautiful daughters, all graduates of NMSU and six grandchildren. While growing up in Albuquerque, Finley was a 4H member in Bernalillo County and as an adult was a 4H leader.

She received her BA in Leisure Services with a concentration in Tourism and a Minor in Business Management from New Mexico Highlands University.

As an Agriculture and Small Business Development Agent, Finley has developed and presented business education programs to Native American, Hispanic and small scale, limited resource producers in Northern New Mexico. She provides business consultation to producers within and outside the project target region. Finley also provides assistance to producers to access programs provided by USDA Agencies.

Office: 371 Alcalde St, County Rd 40, Alcalde, NM 87511
Phone: 505-852-0480
Cell: 505-643-5507
Fax: 505-852-2857
E-mail: jafinely@nmsu.edu

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Joseph Garcia

Joseph Garcia is an Extension Associate, and serves as an Extension Agriculture Agent for the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos.

He was born and raised in El Rito, New Mexico a small ranching/farming community located about 30 miles north of Espanola, New Mexico. Garcia grew up on the ranch that he owns and where he operates a cow-calf operation and also does farming. The daily operations consists of irrigating, planting, haying, weaning calves, winter feeding, bull selection, branding and fencing. Garcia was also involved in 4-H for over 8 years.

He attended New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Range Science.

Garcia is currently working as the Agriculture Agent for the Eight Northern Pueblos which are Taos, Picuris, Ohkay Owingeh, Santa Clara, San Ildefonso, Pojoaque, Nambe and Tesuque. He has also assisted in working with some of the Ten Southern Pueblos. His primary objectives are to provide educational information to Native American farmers and ranchers regarding USDA agricultural programs available to them. He also provides one-on-one technical and educational assistance to farmers and ranchers in business planning, management, loan packages, herd health, bull selection, and he coordinates agricultural workshops.

Office: 371 Alcalde St, County Rd 40, Alcalde, NM 87511
Phone: 505-852-0480
Cell: 505-927-9611
Fax: 505-852-2857
E-mail: jogarcia@nmsu.edu

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R. Edmund Gomez

Edmund Gomez serves as the Assistant Department Head and College Professor in the Extension Economics Department under Cooperative Extension Service, New Mexico State University. He also serves as a director for the Rural Agricultural Improvement and Public Affairs Project and the Northern New Mexico Outreach Project based at the Sustainable Agriculture Science Center at Alcalde, NM. He also serves as coordinator for the Northern New Mexico Small Farm Task Force.

These projects are committed to rural economic development and outreach in north central New Mexico and provide extension education programs in leadership and organizational development, value added agriculture, sustainable agriculture, and small business development serving predominantly Hispanic and Native American small-scale, limited resource producers. He has served fifteen years in this position.

Gomez received his B.S. in Agricultural Biology and Agronomy as well as his M.A. in Agricultural and Extension Education from New Mexico State University, and his C.D.S from the University of Central Arkansas.

Edmund Gomez served as agriculture agent on the Jicarilla Apache Indian reservation and the Southern Ute Indian reservation for three years. Prior to working with extension, he managed the family farm and ranch in northwestern New Mexico for fifteen years and taught adult education classes on the Jicarilla Apache Indian reservation for three years. Currently Gomez serves as state coordinator for the USDA National Small Farm Program and served on the National Commission on Small Farms, with major contribution to Policy Goal 6 and minority farmer and rancher issues. He serves as a member of the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Advisory Committee, chair of the Diversity Committee. He served as national co-chair and as state host chair for the Third National Small Farm Conference and served on both the steering and the program committees for the Fourth and Fifth Conferences. Gomez has been asked to testify by the U.S House of Representatives, Committee on Resources on the impact of federal land use policies on rural communities in northern New Mexico. He received the USDA National Small Farm Program Appreciation Award in 2000, 2002 and 2005 along with the USDA Forest Service National Range Conservation Award in 2000 for assisting in developing the Valle Grande Grass Bank Project. In 1999, 2002 and 2008 he received the USDA Secretary of Agriculture Appreciation Award and in 1999 the National Association of County Agriculture Agents Achievement Award.

Under his leadership and guidance, the Rural Agricultural Improvement and Public Affairs Project Staff received the 2008 National Award for Diversity from the USDA CSREES, Extension Committee on Organization and Policy and the National Extension Diversity Taskforce.

Office: 371 Alcalde St, County Rd 40, Alcalde, NM 87511
Phone: 505-852-2668
Cell: 505-692-3088
Fax: 505-852-2857
E-mail: gr@nmsu.edu

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Paul Gutierrez

Paul Gutierrez, Extension Specialist, is based on the NMSU main campus in Las Cruces. His research interests and expertise are in the fields of range livestock production and marketing economics with an emphasis on sustainable ranching systems, including renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Office: GT 340
Phone: 575-646-7577
Cell: 575-644-1773
E-mail: pgutierr@nmsu.edu

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Tory Hougland

Tory Hougland is a Pueblo Agriculture Specialist.

Originally from Arizona, Hougland has been living in the Espanola area from the time she was eleven years old. Tory's family instilled in her a love of plants which resulted in her gaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture from New Mexico State University.

Hougland was employed in the landscaping industry for thirteen years and she also has some greenhouse experience. She is glad to be working in agriculture again and providing assistance for producers throughout Northern New Mexico.

Office: 371 Alcalde St, County Rd 40, Alcalde, NM 87511
Phone: 505-852-0480
Fax: 505-852-2857
E-mail: hougland@nmsu.edu

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Del Jimenez

Del Jimenez is a College Assistant Professor and an Agricultural Specialist working in the areas of livestock programs, agronomic crops, horticulture projects and construction projects.

Jimenez was born in Phoenix and raised in Scottsdale. He attended both Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, receiving an Associate of Arts Degree in Agriculture and the University of Arizona receiving Bachelors of Science degrees in Animal Science, Agronomy, and Horticulture. He received his Masters of Arts in Extension Education from New Mexico State University.

Jimenez worked internationally for many years in Central and South America doing large agri-industrial projects as well as farming over 8,000 acres a year on his own farm in the past.

In his present position as specialist, Jimenez covers the northern half of the state of New Mexico working with limited resource farmers and ranchers implementing sustainable farming and ranching programs appropriate for their needs.

Office: 371 Alcalde St, County Rd 40, Alcalde, NM 87511
Phone: 505-852-2668
Cell: 505-929-4707
Fax: 505-852-2857
E-mail: djimenez@nmsu.edu

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David G. Kraenzel

Dr. David G. Kraenzel is a Research Faculty member in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business and Extension Economics at New Mexico State University.

He has a B.S. degree in Agricultural Business, a Master of Agriculture and a M.S. in Horticulture from New Mexico State University; a M.S. in Strategic Marketing Management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and a Ph.D. in Continuing Adult and Vocational Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His fields of concentration are in Agricultural Economic Development, Agribusiness feasibility, conventional and organic crop farming and livestock ranching enterprise development, sustainable agriculture, the development of local food systems and cultivating/developing new and young farmer and ranchers in the State of New Mexico.

Office: GT 346
Phone: 575-646-4731
Cell: 575-312-1147
E-mail: kraenzel@nmsu.edu

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Eduardo Medina

Eduardo (Lalo) Medina is a Program Coordinator with the Cooperative Extension Service in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business at New Mexico State University.

He holds a Masters of Agriculture in Agriculture Business degree. His areas of expertise are in agriculture economics, animal & range science, range livestock production and management; national and international community/economic/business development; community needs assessments; product marketing and technology adoption.

He is responsible for building relationships with farmers and ranchers as part of the NMSU Cooperative Extension Research and Outreach Assistance Network Team. Activities included in relationship building range from result and method demonstrations, small focus group discussions, office calls, correspondence, to farm/ranch home visits. He assesses the needs and develops a systems approach that will address current farm/ranch needs. He identifies and facilitates the linking of resources within the NMSU system, USDA and with other outside organizations related to supporting and educating of SMFR agriculture and local food systems. He also develops bilingual outreach materials in order to communicate information about small farms and urban agriculture.

Eduardo Medina also play a leadership role in the bi-national Extension initiative REINU, “Red de Extención e Innovación Nacional Universitaria”. This initiative provides training for the REINU program in which NMSU CES is training extension agents and 4S agents in Mexican universities in order for them to develop an extension model similar to our land-grant system.

Additional responsibilities for Medina include the USDA Agricultural Mediation Program (NMAMP). As the designated USDA Agricultural Mediation Officer for New Mexico and part of the Arizona Forest Service, he mediates agricultural disputes between farmers/ranchers and USDA throughout the State of New Mexico. The program is administered by the Cooperative Extension Service at New Mexico State University and has been certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He provides a voluntary alternative to litigation, arbitration, or formal appeals through the use of impartial third party mediation. He also provides all parties the opportunity to express their views and provide input toward the solution.

Office: GT 348
Phone: 575-646-2925
Cell: 575-621-1188
Fax: 575-646-3808

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J. Michael Patrick

Michael Patrick is an Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business, Community Resource & Economic Development Specialist with the Cooperative Extension Service, and Director of DED Program.

Dr. Patrick received his B.S. in Biological Sciences from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; M.S. in Community Development from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University.

His areas of expertise are: community economic development, rural development, business development and entrepreneurship. Patrick has over 20 years of teaching, research, and community economic development activity in the U.S.- Mexico border region and Latin America.

Office: GT 343
Phone: 575-646-5682
Cell: 575-202-4253
E-mail: jmpat@nmsu.edu

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