Trends in New Mexico Agriculture

The paper linked below summarizes selected Census of Agriculture data for New Mexico for the years 1982-2007. Census data is presented for the state of New Mexico, and broken down by county for several variables. Census variables presented include the number of farms, primary occupations of farm operators, status of off-farm employment, value of commodity sales, number of irrigated farms, and irrigated land in farms. Census data is presented in summary figures located in the main body of the paper and in appendices the data is shown for each county. Discussion of the Census data aids in understanding how the New Mexico agricultural sector has changed over the last quarter-century, and provides insight into the future of agriculture in the state. This paper also presents summary Census data for New Mexico for selected characteristics of farms and farm operators for the last Census year (2007).

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  • Trends in New Mexico Agriculture
    This paper was prepared by Shasta Slutz, M.Ag. in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Agriculture degree, Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business.
  • Appendices
    In the body of the paper linked above figures and discussion for selected data from the Census of Agriculture were presented for the entire state for Census years 1982-2007. Census data for the same variables are presented in the appendices for each county in the state.
  • Raw Data
    Raw data in an Excel format in a zipped file.

Data by County*

Specific Census Variables*

Number of Farms

Primary Occupations of Farm Operators

Status of Off-Farm Employment

Value of Commodity Sales

Number of Irrigated Farms

Irrigated Land in Farms

*Important Note

(See page 5, "Number of New Mexico Farms, 1982-2007 Census Years")

Beginning with the 2002 Census, adjustments to the statistical methodology were used in gathering data in order to improve Census coverage. Data for the previous census year (1997) were adjusted post facto to reflect these changes in coverage and to provide a bridge between unadjusted data (pre-1997) and adjusted data (post-1997). Both unadjusted and adjusted data are included for Census year 1997 and are denoted 1997u and 1997a respectively. The new procedures applied to the Census process were adjusted for the 2002 enumeration, thus the 2002 farm count is not comparable to the years which preceded 1997. More information regarding the adjustments and the effects on data collected may be obtained by visiting the USDA's FAQ link at: