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Undergraduate Program

Do you want to...

  • Take classes with award-winning faculty?
  • Compete in national agri-marketing competitions?
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills related to agricultural business?
  • Work internationally?
  • Return to production agriculture with enhanced farm/ranch management skills?

These and many other career and learning opportunities await you!

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Majors and Minors Available

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business offers two majors:

Two minors are available to students pursuing a degree at New Mexico State University: These links are 'working copies' to follow in preparation for a minor. When nearing completion, please follow Star Audit instructions below for final printout and approval of your designated minor.


  • Select college 'Agriculture'
  • Select 'Program' and scroll down to select:

    • Minor in ABM or Minor in NRE
  • Select Catalog Year

  • Select 'Format' for PDF and print out audit
  • Follow instructions on the audit corresponding to your minor to obtain approval.


Undergraduate Programs Coordinator

Dr. Ram Acharya is the Departmental Undergraduate Program Coordinator. His contact information is as follows:

Office: Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 381A
Office phone: (575)646-2524
Fax: (575)646-3808
E-mail: acharyar@nmsu.edu

Faculty Advising

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business has many faculty members that are trained to advise undergraduate students. The undergraduate students in the Department of Ag Economics and Ag Business may choose their academic advisor.

Beginning freshmen and transfer students are provided temporary advisors and are especially encouraged to use a faculty member in the department as a permanent advisor.
Dr. Ram Acharya, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, is always willing to help undergraduate students when attempting to locate a temporary or permanent academic advisor among the Faculty members.

Students are encouraged to inform the Faculty advisor of their goals both while in enrolled at NMSU as well as their career objectives.This information will allow the Faculty advisor to assist the student in the most positive manner resulting in the best academic experience possible.

Advisor Change Form

As you begin your college education, NMSU has many available resources available to students to experience college life in both an educational and personal setting. A Primary Advisor will be appointed to serve as a student's main contact to assist with their educational experience that includes, but is not limited to:

  • assisting with educational plans by recommending appropriate courses
  • assisting with understanding various university requirements as needed
  • evaluating timely progress toward graduation
  • providing direction to any resources that are available to assist in current and/or future educational and career goals, etc.

A student is welcome to visit with more than one advisor while in college, but the Primary Advisor will be the faculty that will approve a student's final audit for graduation prior to submission to the College.

For any changes to your Primary Advisor, please complete the ADVISOR CHANGE FORM. You can type in your information, print it out, obtain signatures and bring it to the AEAB Advising Services Center where the changes will be updated in Banner.

Departmental Student Services Center

Students are also invited to visit the Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business Student Services Center that maintains copies of all undergraduate student records and is located in Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 379. The administrative assistant in the Departmental Student Services Center and full-time staff member, Irma Marshall, handles correspondence, files, checks degrees, and all relevant items for undergraduate and graduate students. The Center provides students with a central place to get help without having to make an appointment.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

For information on financial aid available to NMSU students please visit NMSU Financial Aid Office Website. Many students find work in the department or college and also can receive work study grants.

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business offers undergraduate scholarships totaling $23,000 each year. Our majors are also eligible for variety of scholarships awarded by the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, which has more than $450,000 annually to support students. About 25% are reserved for freshman.

Departmental Scholarships

  • Archer Daniel Midland (ADM) Scholarship
  • David & Paulina Salopek Scholarship
  • Farm Credit of New Mexico Scholarships
  • Hurt Endowed Scholarship
  • James F. Cole Memorial Scholarship
  • L.E. (Gene) Mathers, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • New Mexico Oil and Gas Association/Catlett Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Patrick Hightower Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul Roach Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert L. Coppersmith Memorial Scholarship
  • William Esslinger II Memorial Scholarship
  • William S. May Scholarship
  • Dept. of Ag. Econ. / Ag. Bus. Scholarships
  • Kringle the Cat Scholarship

For more information on available College and Departmental Scholarships, please contact Dr. Ram Acharya, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

Application for Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded on academic performance, financial need, or both. Scholarship Applications for fall semester must be received by March 1. A single Application will collect information that allows every student to be considered for all scholarships at NMSU. Students may check online to see which scholarships they may be eligible for (including the College and Departmental Scholarships):

NMSU Undergraduate Links

Check out the Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business pages of the NMSU Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014 to learn more about requirements for both majors in the AgEcon and AgBusiness Department and undergraduate classes offered by the AEAB Department and other NMSU Departments.

Follow the link NMSU Academics to find more information about the Math and Language Placement Exams, Advising and Registration Services, Academic Calendar, Resources for International Students and the link NMSU Current Students to learn about student Resources and On-Campus Services available to NMSU students and much more.