Animal and Range Science Graduate Student Association





Shelemia Nyamurekung’e
Degree currently pursuing: M.S. in Range Science
Hometown: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Bachelors: Animal Science and Agricultural business from Arkansas State University
Advisor: Dr. Andres Cibils
Area of Interest: Animal-plant interactions, Rangeland foraging behavior of domestic ungulates.



Matthew Montana McIntosh
Vice President
Degree currently pursuing: M.S. Range Science
Hometown: Lisbon, CT
B.S. University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts.
Advisors: Dr. Andres Cibils and Dr. Jerry Holechek
Area of Interest: Animal-plant interactions, Rangeland foraging behavior of domestic ungulates/ range animal nutrition, grazing management, and physiology.

Stacia Prosser (Secretary)

Degree: M.S.
Hometown: Milford, CT
B.S.: University of Connecticut��� 
Advisor: Dr. Ashley��� 
Area of Interest: Reproductive Physiology



Bahaa Aloqaily

Degree currently pursuing: PhD
Hometown: Jordan
M.S. and B.S.: Jordan University of Science and Technology
Advisor: Dr. Hernandez Gifford
Area of Interest: Reproductive Physiology

Shiann Burns
Activity Coordinator
Degree currently pursuing: M.S.
Hometown: Madill, Ok
B.S.: Oklahoma State University Animal Science - Biotechnology
Advisor(s): Craig & Jennifer Gifford
Area of Interest: Reproductive Physiology My research looks at how immune cells increase conception rates by determining where in the uterus the immune cells are acting and what gene pathways are turned on and off via the immune cells.



Rachel Carey

Degree currently pursuing: M.S. in Ruminant Nutrition
Hometown: Wylie, Texas
B.S.: University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso, TX) in Biological Sciences (Ecology and Evolution)
Advisor: Clint Loest
Area of Interest: Feedlot cattle health and nutrition; specifically, how byproduct usage and delivery can effect stress physiology, gut health and immunology.

Jesus Joaquin Figueroa Zamudio

Degree currently pursuing: M.S.
Hometown: Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
B.S. Universidad de Sonora 
Advisor: Dr. Soto-Navarro
Area of Interest: Ruminant Nutrition



Maggie Gannon

Degree currently pursuing: M.S.
Hometown: Norwalk, CA
B.S.: Bachelors in Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 
Advisor: Dr. Amy Ganguli 
Area of Interest: Range Science: cattle grazing behavior.

Kadee Grubbs

Degree currently pursuing: Range Science MS
M.S.: New Mexico State University 
B.S.: Eastern New Mexico University
Advisor: Dr. Derek Bailey
Area of Interest: Animal behavior, Animal Reproductive, Range Nutrition, Range Sciences



Ashley Hansen

Degree currently pursuing: M.S.
Hometown: Muscatine, Iowa
B.S.: B.S. of Animal Science at West Texas A&M University
Advisor: Dr. Laura White
Area of Interest: Equine Nutrition. Assistant Horse Judging Coach.

David W Kimiti

Degree currently pursuing: PhD, Range Science
Hometown: Nanyuki, Kenya.
M.S.: University of Nairobi, Kenya. Master of Science in Range Management (Range Ecology)
B.S.: University of Nairobi, Kenya. Bachelor of Science in Range Management
Advisor(s): Dr. Amy Ganguli and Dr. Jeff Herrick
Area of Interest: Range Restoration Ecology. Currently looking at the use of the Global Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) for the prediction and evaluation of Restoration success. General areas of interest are: Rangeland assessment, inventory and monitoring, planning and evaluation of rangeland restoration projects, the human-wildlife interface, and soil-plant-animal interactions.




Michael Meyers

Degree currently pursuing: M.S.
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
B.S.: New Mexico State University, Range Science
Advisor: Dr. Ganguli
Area of Interest: Rangeland Ecology of fire behavior and effects, and vegetation responses.

Leeland Murray

Degree currently pursuing: M.Sc.
Hometown: Eagle, Idaho
M.S.: New Mexico State University, Agricultural Biology
B.S.: Colorado State University, Natural Resource Management
Advisor: Dr. Erik Lehnhoff
Area of Interest:Arid systems invasive weed ecology, ecological restoration, habitat management.



Eben Oosthuysen
- Activities coordinator
Degree currently pursuing: PhD
Hometown: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa
M.S.: Received M.S. in ruminant nutrition at New Mexico State University
B.S.: B.S. in Animal Science at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.
Advisors: Dr. Clint Loest, Dr. Eric Scholljegerdes, and Dr. Michael Hubbert.
Area of Interest: Research focus on alternative management practices to improve feedlot receiving calf health in preparation for the soon anticipated restriction on antibiotic use in food producing animals. The use of blood gas analysis as possible diagnostic tool to identify calves’ mores susceptible to pneumonia forms the basis of his research.

Jorge A. Rodela
- ARSGSA Representative
Degree currently pursuing: M.S. 
Hometown: Fabens, Texas
M.S.: N/A
B.S.: Sul Ross State University
Advisor(s): Dr. Sergio Soto
Area of Interest: Ruminant Nutrition



Ulises Alejandro Sanchez Sandoval

Degree currently pursuing: M.S.
DVM: Zootechnical Veterinarian (Medico Veterinario Zootecnista), Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro (UAAAN)
Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico
Advisor: Sergio Soto
Area of interest: Nutrition  U.Alejandro Sanchez

Jeremy Schallner
- GSA Representative
Degree currently pursuing:  M.S. Range Sciences
Hometown: Enid, Oklahoma, USA
B.S.: Oklahoma State University, BS in Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Advisor: Dr. Amy Ganguli
Areas of Interest: Landscape and Plant Community Ecology, Ecosystem and Environmental Hydrology