Companion Animal Emphasis in Animal Science

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Did you know that at NMSU you can take courses that focus on companion animals while you work towards your B.S. degree in Animal Science?

According to the American Pet Products Association APPA yearly spending on companion animals in the U.S. has increased every year since 1994 ($17 billion) to the current high of $50.96 billion in 2011! As the companion animal industry grows, so will the need for animal scientists that have a special knowledge of companion animals. In addition, careers that involve human health and wellness (such as occupational therapy and counseling) are now incorporating the use of companion animals into their practices. Students with a knowledge of both humans and companion animals can position themselves for a future in these emerging interdisciplinary career areas.

Companion Animal Courses Offered

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The companion animal courses offered in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences cover the domestication, history, physiology, husbandry, and health and diseases of the many different types of animals that society now views as 'companions'. A course on the human-companion animal bond (better known in the scientific community as HAI or Human Animal Interactions is also part of the curriculum. While the focus of the program is on the two most popular pets in the U.S (dogs and cats) other animal species such as birds, horses, rodents, reptiles and even amphibians are studied. Since almost all of the courses have no prerequisites, many students from across campus are able to take the companion animal classes. As with all of the areas of emphasis offered in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences, there is the flexibility for students to take a companion animal industry or science option. Both the science and industry option offers companion animal internships so students can gain real world experience and also apply the knowledge they gain while at NMSU. Companion Animals Course Descriptions

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Companion Animal Options

Animal Science-Companion Animal Science

The companion animal science option course curriculum provides the courses needed for students to apply to most Veterinary Medical Schools or Graduate Schools.
Companion Animal Science Checksheet

Animal Science-Companion Animal Industry

The companion animal industry option course curriculum prepares students to enter into various careers in the companion animal industry upon graduation. These may include but are not limited to careers in pharmaceutical or food sales.
Companion Animal Industry Checksheet

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Companion Animal Related Clubs at NMSU

The Department of Animal and Range Sciences is home to both the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club and new for 2013, the Aggie P.A.W. (Partners for Assistance through Work) club that focusses on bringing together students with an interest in training or learning more about service animals.