Image of Dennis Hallford

Dennis Hallford

Title: Distinguished Achievement Professor and Regents Professor

Major Field of Interest: Reproductive Endocrinology


Office Phone: 575-646-2515 or 575-646-1004

Office Location: Knox Hall 204 or Knox 220

Endocrinology Laboratory Location: Knox Hall 235


B.S. - Agriculture from Tarleton State University - 1970

M.S. - Animal Science - Oklahoma State University - 1973

Ph.D. - Animal Breeding/Reproductive Physiology - Oklahoma State University - 1975

Courses Taught:

ANSC 370 - Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals

ANSC 504 - Animal Physiology Techniques

ANSC 509 - Endocrinology of Domestic Animals

ANSC 603 - Cardiovascular and Neural Physiology

ANSC 605 - Endocrinology of Gestation, Parturition, and Lactation

Major Research Areas: Research in the Hallford laboratory centers around two major areas - improving the number of lambs born and interrupting seasonal/lactational anestrus to allow ewes to produce two lamb crops each year.


Cardinal Key Outstanding Teacher of the Year - NMSU

Distinguished Teaching Award - NMSU College of Agric. and Home Ec.

Gamma Sigma Delta Award for Distinguished Graduate Teaching Advisement - NMSU

Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award for Excellence in Classroom
Teaching - NMSU

Outstanding Researcher Lecture Series - NMSU University Research Council

Distinguished Teacher Award - WSAS, ASAS

Distinguished Research Award - NMSU College of Agric. and Home Ec.

Robert L. Westhafer Award for Excellence in Teaching - NMSU

Tarleton State University Alumni Academic Forum

Donald C. Roush Award for Excellence in Teaching - NMSU

Distinguished Service Award - WSASAS, ASAS

Advanced Degree Graduate of Distinction - Oklahoma State Univ.

Outstanding Club Advisor - NMSU College of Agric. and Home Ec.

Amigo Award - New Mexico Wool Growers Association

FELLOW Award for Teaching - ASAS

University Research Council Award for Exceptional Achievement in Scholarly Activity

Distinguished Service Award - College of ACES

REGENTS Professor - NMSU

Distinguished Achievement Professor - NMSU

Recent Publications:

Caldwell, J. D., K. P. Coffey, J. A. Jennings, D. Philipp, A. N. Young, J. D. Tucker, D. S. Hubbell, T. Hess, M. L. Looper, C. P. West, M. C. Savin, M. P. Popp, D. L. Kreider, D. M. Hallford, and C. F. Rosenkrans. 2013. Performance by spring and fall-calving cows grazing with full, limited, or no access to toxic Neotyphodium coenophialum-infected tall fescue. J. Anim. Sci. 91: 465-476.

Camacho, L. E., J. M. Benavidez, and D. M. Hallford. 2012. Serum hormone profiles, pregnancy rates, and offspring performance of Rambouillet ewes treated with recombinant bovine somatotropin before breeding. J. Anim. Sci. 90: 2826-2835.

Castanon, B. I., A. D. Stapp, C. A. Gifford, L. J. Spicer, D. M. Hallford, and J. A. Hernandez-Gifford. 2012. Follicle-stimulating hormone regulation of estradiol production: Possible involvement of WNT2 and B-catenin in bovine granulosa cells. J. Anim. Sci. 90: 3789-3797.

Conway, L. A., D. M. Hallford, and S. A. Soto-Navarro. 2012. Effects of wet corn gluten feed and yellow grease on digestive function of cattle fed steam-flaked corn-based finishing diets. Anim. Feed Sci. Tech. 178: 20-26.

Utsumi, S. A., A. F. Cibils, R. E. Estell, S. A. Soto-Navarro, L. Chen, and D. M. Hallford. 2012. Effects of adding protein, condensed tannins, and polyethylene glycol to diets of sheep and goats fed one-seed juniper and low quality roughage. Small Rum. Res. In press.

Young, A. M., and D. M. Hallford. 2013. Validation of a fecal glucocorticoid metabolite assay to assess stress in the budgerigar (Melosittacus undulatus). Zoo Biol. 32: 112-116.