NMSU 7057 wins Brahman bull shows across the U.S.

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History of NMSU Garrett Manso 7057 (registered Brahman bull B 862754):

  1. Progeny of two successful AI-matings at the Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center. Semen kindly donated by J.D. Hudgins Corporation http://www.jdhudgins.com/.

  2. High gaining Brahman bull in the 2007-2008 bull test at NMSU.

  3. High gaining Brahman bull in history of testing Brahman bulls at NMSU (since 1998; 3.63 lbs/day on a 3.5 lbs/day ration).

  4. Largest ribeye area yearling bull in the history of ultrasound data collection at NMSU (since 1998; 15.9 in2 for a bull weighing 1140 lbs).

  5. Passed a breeding soundness exam as yearling.

  6. Highest selling yearling Brahman bull in the history of marketing Brahman bulls at NMSU (since 1998; $3,100 purchased by Heart Bar Ranch - Mike and Janet Partin, Montalba TX, 75853; April 26, 2008; http://www.heartbarranch.com/.

  7. Placed in the care of professional cattle handler, Joe Butt, for tour of U.S. Brahman shows 2008 and 2009.

Performance and Pedigree Records of NMSU 7057

Yearling Performance record from 2007-2008 NMSU Bull Sale Catalogue.

2-year-old performance data (2/9/2009).
Weight = 1,925 lbs.
Hip-height = 61 in.
Scrotal cirmcumference = 38 cm

Winnings of NMSU 7057

  • Fall 2008

    Junior Champion, 4 shows
    Reserve Junior Champion, 6 shows
    Reserve Grand Champion, 2 shows
    Alabama National Fair: Junior Champion (judge Dr. Terry Clements)
    Columbia County Fair: Reserve Grand Champion(judge Dr. Tim Marshall).

  • Spring 2009

    South Florida Fair, Junior Champion and Reserve and Reserve Grand Champion (judge Tommy Swertner)
    Florida State Fair, Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion (judge Clyde Goudeau)
    Dixie National Stock Show, Junior Champion (judge Steve Hudgins)
    Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, 3rd in class
    Miami International Agricultural and Cattle Show, 1st in class, Junior Champion, and Reserve Grand Champion.

  • Fall 2009
    Competed in 9 shows.
    1st in class 9 times.
    5 of the 9 shows he was awarded Grand Champion
    4 of the 9 shows he was awarded the Reserve Champion