Rangework Course Requirements

Core course requirements for the BS degree in Agriculture with a major Rangeland Resources include:

Core Range Science Courses

Core Related Courses

Common Core Courses

Rangeland Science Profession

Animal Metabolism

Natural History of Life

Rangeland Resource Management

Animal Science Elective (upper-division)*

Cellular & Organismal Biology

Forestry and Society

Plant Physiology

College Algebra

Rangeland GrassesĀ 

Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management

General Chemistry I

Rangeland Plants

GIS Elective (upper-division)*

General Chemistry II

Rangeland Communities

Introductory Soils with Lab


Watershed Management

Soil Morphology and Classification

Introductory Economics*

Rangeland Restoration Ecology

Statistical Applications

Ethics Elective *

Rangeland Resource Ecology


Rangeland Resource Ecology Lab

* Indicates course must be selected from pre-approved list of options

Rangeland Analysis

See Course Catalog for details

Advanced Rangeland Management



For a detailed list of courses, please consult the NMSU Undergraduate Catalog. The catalog is also available from the NMSU Office of Admissions.