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Volunteer Opportunities

Health & Cancer Education Project

DESCRIPTION: Partnering with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Participants will educate people on nutrition for cancer prevention using displays, games, brochures, etc. Many of the materials are already made. This is an opportunity for those wanting to learn more about oncology and nutrition and can open the door for field experience opportunities.

Relay For Life

DESCRIPTION: Relay For Life is an annual event held nationwide and is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. At the event, our team will camp out overnight and take turns walking around the track to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society "create a world with less cancer and more birthdays." At NMSU, lots of clubs are there participating. We play games, get to know each other, raise money, raise awareness and have lots of fun. Last year we played "fruit pong," joined in an outdoor Zumba class and watched a wrestling event among lots of other things.

DATE: April 27th


COMMITTEE HEAD: To join this committee or for more information contact Ale B at hnfsatreasurer@gmail.com

To register for this event click on the link below

Fit Families

DESCRIPTION: Fit Families is a program offered by NMSU's extension office to help parents and children learn about healthy eating habits and how to incorporate activity into their daily lives. Volunteers help set up (prepare food, arrange tables, etc) or clean up. The classes are given weekly but participants may only need to attend once or twice monthly (depending on the number of volunteers). This is a great opportunity for those interested in community health or child nutrition.


LOCATION: Gerald Thomas Hall

COMMITTEE HEAD: To join this committee or for more information contact Albert at arealy01@nmsu.edu

For more information about fit families, click on the below link to their web site.

El Paso Dietetic Events

DESCRIPTION: Is it hard for you to commute to Las Cruces for everything? Do you want to get to know local dietitians in El Paso? Are you looking for clinical or community field experiences in El Paso? Then join this committee! Events will include trips to the El Paso Dietetic Association meetings and other events.

HNFSA currently needs a committee head/liaison to the El Paso Dietetic Association. If you are interested, please contact Albert at arealy01@nmsu.edu

Nutrition Presentations

Nutrition and health tips presentation will be taking place in Corbett Center the week of March 11-15. Various topics will be discussed such as Benefits of Chocolate, Benefits of Beer, Benefits of Wine, Sports Nutrition, Tips on Increasing Physical Activity, and Tips on How to Feel Full Faster. Come check out the different booths and learn more about nutrition. If you would like to participate contact Albert at arealy01@nmsu.edu.