Previous National Marketing Competitions


For the 2012-2013 year, we chose a dairy supplement, Summer Shield-R. Fed to dairy cows during heat stress, Summer Shield-R is a unique blend of essential oils and vitamins that lower bovine core temperature. This increases milk production and feed efficiency. Our marketing team made it to the semi-finals in Kansas City in April of 2013.



NMSU NAMA won the National Competition in 2010! We developed a marketing plan for a custom-made saddle company.










NMSU/NAMA won their first ever National Marketing Competition! It was also a first for our very own NAMA veteran, then-advisor Dr. Cynda Clary. Smiles, tears, whoops, and hollers abounded when the award was announced.

The team pitted themselves as Zia Marketing Agency, which was to come up with a plan to market pecans for the United Pecan Association. The objective was to increase the sales and consumption of pecans in the United States by specifically targeting the travel industry. Pecans were to be pushed through airlines, hotels, and dining establishments.

Promotions included a pecan recipe contest at the Walt Disney World's Epcot Center, as well as videos by popular chef Emeril Lagasse.


The 1999 marketing plan was prepared for a product we called "Rumizyme". Rumizyme is a patented application system of three naturally occurring enzymes found to aid in milk production. These enzymes maximize the energy available to dairy cows from forages by improving fiber digestibility, thereby increasing milk output without stressing the animals. The three enzymes, xylanase, cellulase, arabanase, are mixed with liquid carrier and then sprayed directly and evenly to the feed as part of the ration's final mixing phase. The treated ration can then be immediately fed to the dairy herd. In order for dairy producers to see significant increases in milk production, at least 35% of the dairy ration must be in forage.

University and producer trials have shown that Rumizyme provides two types of benefits to dairy producers. When maintaining forage quality, Rumizyme-treated feed increases milk production an average of five to seven pounds of milk per cow per day. Rumizyme also improves energy conversions from lower quality forage, allowing producers to switch to lower cost forage rations. Rumizyme is the only feed additive to include all enzyme activities essential to increase both the rate and extent of fiber digestion. Rumizyme is compatible with other beef additives, such as bST, yeast, microbials, and supplemental fats.

NMSU/NAMA worked with a company called "Agri-Science" on this plan. The team members designed and analyzed a survey that was sent to 2,000 dairy producers. The information from this project was used by Agri-Science to evaluate the market potential for its product.


The 1998 market project was sponsored by the Cattleman's Texas Longhorn Registry. NMSU/NAMA organized and implemented four restaurant trials for the Registry's beef. Marketing team members performed a variety of tasks - from cutting the beef according to each restaurant's specifications - to designing table tents, menu inserts, and other promotional materials. While the team did not place in the 1998 marketing competition, the results obtained from this project were used by the Registry to support its successful effort in gaining an $80,000 USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant to start up the Longhorn Beef Cooperative.


The 1997 marketing project was a great success, even though we did not place at the competition. Our products was a parasiticide for cattle which we named "Dorazin". This project was sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health and was modeled after its product "Dectomax". Pfizer provided us with information about the parasiticide industry and its competitors. Through our hard work and research, we were able to provide beneficial information to our sponsoring company. After the written report was finished, we sent Pfizer our recommendations for the introduction of Dorazin into a new market segment. Pfizer was pleased with our work and even adopted some of our ideas.

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