New Mexico Crops


New Mexico produces more then 60% of the entire U.S. chile crop production. New Mexico chile production was estimated to be $41.08 million in 2003.


The US produces about 4 million tons of lettuce each year. California and Arizona are the main producers in the US but New Mexico also plays an important role ranking number 5 out of the top five lettuce producing states.


New Mexico is the third largest pecan producer in the United States behind Georgia and Texas. New Mexico has a higher percentage of production/acre then other states due to the newer varieties of pecans in production.


The US makes up 6.5% of world onion production with New Mexico ranking number 5 out of the top ten onion producing states.


Alfalfa is New Mexico's number one crop. In 2001 New Mexico produced 1.35 million tons and was valued at $161 million.


There are about 70,000 acres of cotton planted in New Mexico. New Mexico ranks as the 13th largest cotton producing state with 100,400 bales in 2002. The two largest states are Texas and California. Total US cotton production was 17,175,700 bales in 2002.