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Student Clubs

Students participate in various organizations that enhance the collegiate experience through socializing, making professional connections, and developing leadership skills.

Student Association Fashion Merchandising and Marketing (SAFMM)


  1. To provide for professional development of fashion merchandising and marketing.
  2. To increase awareness of Fashion Merchandising and its offerings outside classroom situations.
  3. To promote and explore different areas of Fashion Merchandising.
  4. To establish relationships with the business community.

President: Lauren White

Advisor(s): Rosalyn Smitley rsmitle@nmsu.edu (575)646-7200, Melinda Chavez mtchavez@nmsu.edu (575)646-7200

Human Nutrition and Food Science Association (HNFSA)

New Mexico State University's Human Nutrition and Food Science Association (HNFSA) promotes familiarity with the field of human nutrition and food science and related fields to organization members. The organization strives to inform members of the opportunities opening up in the fields of nutrition and food science, to provide sound information to the citizens of the community on these subjects, and to stimulate sound practices among peers.

Student Member Section of the Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AFCS)

The Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AFCS) at New Mexico State University is a student organization for those interested in the welfare of families and children. While the majority of our members study within the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, we encourage and welcome students from any major to join us.

Students in AFCS gain information on various majors, careers and world issues through professional and peer presentations.

Advisor: Sharon Jeffcoat Bartley sbartley@nmsu.edu (575)686-1181