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Departmental Faculty

Image of ...Mark Andersen

Mark C. Andersen

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Mathematical and Statistical Modeling in Conservation Biology

Office: Knox 126

Office Phone: 575-646-8034

Email: manderse@nmsu.edu

Personal web site: http://web.nmsu.edu/~manderse/

Image of ...Wiebke Boeing

Wiebke Boeing

Appointment: Associate Professor

Research Area: Aquatic Ecology

Office: Knox 112

Office Phone: 575-646-1707

Email: wboeing@nmsu.edu

Image of David Cowley

David E. Cowley

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Aquatic Ecology

Office: Knox 119

Office Phone: 575-646-1346

Email: dcowley@nmsu.edu

Personal web site: http://web.nmsu.edu/~dcowley/

Image of Martha Desmond

Martha J. Desmond

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Ornithology

Office: Knox 129

Office Phone: 575-646-1217

Email: mdesmond@nmsu.edu

Image of Gary Roemer

Gary W. Roemer

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Mammalogy, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Population Dynamics

Office: Knox 110

Office Phone: 575-646-3394

Email: groemer@nmsu.edu

Personal website: http://web.nmsu.edu/~groemer/

Image of ...Kathryn Stoner

Kathryn E. Stoner

Appointment: Head and Professor

Research Area: Ecology and Conservation of Mammals, Plant-Animal Interactions, Habitat Fragmentation, Tropical Forest Ecology

Office: Knox 131

Office Phone: 575-646-2575

Email: kstoner@nmsu.edu

Cooperative Research Unit Faculty

Image of Colleen Caldwell

Colleen A. Caldwell

Appointment: Unit Leader and Affiliate Professor

Research Area: Fish physiology and aquatic toxicology

Office: Knox Hall 125

Office Phone: 575-646-8126

Email: ccaldwel@nmsu.edu

Image of ...Jimmy Cain

James W. Cain, III

Appointment: Assistant Leader - Wildlife and Affiliate Associate Professor

Research Area: Wildlife-habitat Relationships and Large Mammal Ecology

Office: Knox Hall 123

Office Phone: 575-646-3382

Email: jwcain@nmsu.edu

Image of ...Scott Carleton

Scott A. Carleton

Appointment: Assistant Unit Leader - Wildlife and Affiliate Professor

Research Area: Migration, Habitat Use and Demography, Nongame and Game Bird Ecology

Office: Knox 127

Office Phone: 575-646-7196

Email: carleton@nmsu.edu

Personal Web Site: http://web.nmsu.edu/~carleton/

Affiliate Faculty

Image of Ken Boykin

Kenneth G. Boykin

Appointment: College Associate Professor

Research Area: Conservation, Habitat Modeling, Riparian Ecosystems, Fire Ecology, Herpetology, Amphibian Declines

Office: Knox 105

Office Phone: 575-646-6303

Email: kboykin@nmsu.edu

Personal website: http://fws-case-12.nmsu.edu/kboykin/

Image of Jennifer Frey

Jennifer K. Frey

Appointment: College Associate Professor

Research Area: Ecology and Conservation of Mammals

Office: Knox 121

Office Phone: 575-646-3395

Email: jfrey@nmsu.edu

Personal website: http://aces.nmsu.edu/academics/fws/frey/index.html

Image of  J. Ward...

James P. Ward (Ranger)

Appointment: Research Ecologist, USDA ARS-JER

Research Area: Wildlife population and habitat ecology; resource restoration and conservation; ecosystem monitoring

Office Location: Wooton Hall 142

Office Phone: 575-646-2563

Office Fax: 575-646-5889

Email: jameswar@nmsu.edu

Kathryn E. Stoner

Image of ...Kathryn E. Stoner

Appointment: Head and Professor

Research Area: Ecology and Conservation of Mammals, Plant-Animal Interactions, Habitat Fragmentation, Tropical Forest Ecology

Office location: Knox 131

Email Address: kstoner@nmsu.edu

Office Phone: 575-646-2575

Office Fax: 575-646-1281


*Ph.D., Systematics and Ecology, University of Kansas, 1993

*M.A., Biological anthropology, University of Michigan, l968

*B.S., Zoology-Anthropology, University of Michigan, 1986

Professional Experience:

*2014-Present: Head and Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife and conservation Ecology, New Mexico State University *2011-2013: Chair and Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Kingsville *2001-2011: Professor, Centro de Investigaciones en Ecosistemas, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico *1998-2000: Associate Professor, Estacion de Biologia Chamela, Instituto de Biologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico *1997-1998: Assistant Professor, Universidad de Costa Rica, Biology School *1996-1998: Coordinator, Education Abroad Program, Universidad de Costa Rica, Biology School *1994-1996: Co-director, Palo Verde Biological Station, Organization for Tropical Studies, Costa Rica

Research Interests:

I am broadly trained as a tropical ecologist specializing in mammals (particularly bats and primates, but I have also worked on rodents). Most of my research involves some aspect of conservation and is geared towards developing a better understanding of the animal and its environment with the goal of promoting both species and habitat conservation. Research themes I have worked on over the years include the evolution of color vision in primates, primate seed dispersal, ecology and conservation of Neotropical mammals, the effects of human disturbance and forest fragmentation on animal communities and populations, and bat pollination ecology.

My background

Current Research Projects

  • Habitat use and diet of endangered migratory nectarivorous bats in New Mexico

  • Occupancy modeling of abandoned mine use by phyllostomid bats in southwestern New Mexico and projections of future habitat suitability

Past Research Projects:

  • Impact of seed dispersal by primates (Ateles geoffroyi and Alouatta pigra) on regeneration of forest fragments in the region of Lacandona, Chiapas
  • Factors that influence food characteristics and selection, and mechanisms that promote coexistence of nectar bats
  • Seed dispersal by spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) in regenerating tropical rain forest fragments in southern Mexico
  • Patterns, processes and mechanisms of ecological succession in abandoned tropical fields
  • Physiological and ecological factors affecting resource selection and foraging patterns in nectarivorous bats
  • Management of tropical forests in Mexico: Scientific bases for conservation and restoration of tropical ecosystems
  • Effect of forest fragmentation on pollinator activity and its consequences on reproductive success and gene flow in tropical dry forest trees
  • The importance of color vision for foraging strategies of primates and its relationship to the evolution of color vision