Departmental Faculty

Image of ...Wiebke Boeing

Wiebke Boeing

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Aquatic Ecology

Office: Knox 112

Office Phone: 575-646-1707

Email: wboeing@nmsu.edu

Image of David Cowley

David E. Cowley

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Aquatic Ecology

Office: Knox 119

Office Phone: 575-646-1346

Email: dcowley@nmsu.edu

Personal web site: http://web.nmsu.edu/~dcowley/

Image of Martha Desmond

Martha J. Desmond

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Ornithology

Office: Knox 129

Office Phone: 575-646-1217

Email: mdesmond@nmsu.edu

Image of ...Fitsum Abadi Gebreselassie

Fitsum Abadi Gebreselassie

Appointment: Assistant Professor

Research Area: Capture-recapture models; Integrated population models

Office: Knox 126

Office Phone: 575-646-8034; Office Fax: 575-646-1281

Email: fgebrese@nmsu.edu

Image of Gary Roemer

Gary W. Roemer

Appointment: Professor

Research Area: Mammalogy, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Population Dynamics

Office: Knox 110

Office Phone: 575-646-3394

Email: groemer@nmsu.edu

Personal website: http://web.nmsu.edu/~groemer/

Image of ...Kathryn Stoner

Kathryn E. Stoner

Appointment: Head and Professor

Research Area: Ecology and Conservation of Mammals, Plant-Animal Interactions, Habitat Fragmentation, Tropical Forest Ecology

Office: Knox 131

Office Phone: 575-646-2575

Email: kstoner@nmsu.edu

Cooperative Research Unit Faculty

Image of Colleen Caldwell

Colleen A. Caldwell

Appointment: Unit Leader and Affiliate Professor

Research Area: Fish physiology and aquatic toxicology

Office: Knox Hall 125

Office Phone: 575-646-8126

Email: ccaldwel@nmsu.edu

Image of ...Jimmy Cain

James W. Cain, III

Appointment: Assistant Leader - Wildlife and Affiliate Associate Professor

Research Area: Wildlife-habitat Relationships and Large Mammal Ecology

Office: Knox Hall 123

Office Phone: 575-646-3382

Email: jwcain@nmsu.edu

Image of ...Scott Carleton

Scott A. Carleton

Appointment: Assistant Unit Leader - Wildlife and Affiliate Professor

Research Area: Migration, Habitat Use and Demography, Nongame and Game Bird Ecology

Office: Knox 127

Office Phone: 575-646-7196

Email: carleton@nmsu.edu

Personal Web Site: http://web.nmsu.edu/~carleton/

Affiliate Faculty

Image of Ken Boykin

Kenneth G. Boykin

Appointment: College Associate Professor

Research Area: Conservation, Habitat Modeling, Riparian Ecosystems, Fire Ecology, Herpetology, Amphibian Declines

Office: Knox 105

Office Phone: 575-646-6303

Email: kboykin@nmsu.edu

Personal website: http://aces.nmsu.edu/academics/fws/kenneth-g-boykin.html

Image of Jennifer Frey

Jennifer K. Frey

Appointment: College Associate Professor

Research Area: Ecology and Conservation of Mammals

Office: Knox 121

Office Phone: 575-646-3395

Email: jfrey@nmsu.edu

Personal website: http://aces.nmsu.edu/academics/fws/frey/index.html