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Welcome to the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology. We apply traditional and emerging scientific methods to understand the ecology of fish and wildlife and use this knowledge for conservation and management. We strive for excellence in research, teaching and outreach with our efforts focused on the diverse ecosystems of the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Please explore our academic programs and the research that our professors and students are conducting in the field and laboratory.

FWCE Welcomes New Department Head, Kathryn E. Stoner, Ph.D.!

Image of ...Kathryn E. Stoner
Kathryn E. Stoner

Dr. Stoner brings with her to NMSU an impressive background of research experience in Ecology and Conservation of Neotropical Mammals, Effects of Human Disturbance and Forest Fragmentation on Animal Communities and Populations, Mammalian Seed Dispersal and Pollination Ecology.

She received her B.S. in zoology-anthropology and her M.S. in biological anthropology from the University of Michigan, and her Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Kansas. She is excited to be at FWCE where she hopes to see new initiatives in place as establishing a Ph.D. program, e.g. To learn more about Dr. Stoner, visit NMSU

Professor Martha J. Desmond Named TWS "Professional of the Year!"

Image of Martha J. Desmond
Martha J. Desmond

Professor Martha J. Desmond has received the 2013 Professional of the Year Award from the NM Chapter of The Wildlife Society for her development of the Natural Resource Career Track (NRCT) Program. NRCT is a program across 14 Hispanic Serving Institutions (7 in NM) that mentors students in a diverse array of natural resource fields and career tracks.

In 2013 there were 87 students in this program. Students are involved in summer internships, research mentorships, student exchanges, seminars, workshops, and trainings. We work closely with the USDA Forest Service with the ultimate goal of securing indefinite PATHWAYS positions for students with federal agencies of mentoring students toward graduate programs.

Associate Professor Gary W. Roemer coauthors paper in Nature!

Image of ..Gary Roemer.
Gary W. Roemer

Dr. Roemer and his colleagues support the contention that genetic engineering will save endangered species from extinction. Ecology: Gene tweaking for conservation explores the options available through hybridization, transferring of alleles into genomes of threatened populations or incorporation of genes into genomes of a different species, though all three options face challenges, complications and risks.

Before these strategies can be applied, consideration must be given to where and how they might fail. For full article, visit Nature.

Congratulations to NMSU TWS/AFS Student Chapters for Taking Top Honors in Arizona Competition!!

The Annual Meeting of the Student Chapters of the American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society was held in Pine Top, AZ. 6-8 February, 2014. Three NMSU teams competed along with students in wildlife programs from Arizona universities. The first ever JAM Quiz Bowl was held, which determined the top team from each state. The final round was a competition for top honors between Arizona and New Mexico. One of the NMSU teams won the competition beating out those from Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and University of Arizona. The winning team members were:

  1. Thomas Lubenau (Captain)
  2. William Lubenau
  3. Clay Morrow
  4. Trey Turnbull

Team 2:

  1. Naomi Apodaca (Captain)
  2. Quentin Dean
  3. Jerry Gonzales
  4. Katie Joyner

Team 3:

  1. Hunter Falco (Captain)
  2. Miranda Butler-Valverde
  3. Jacob Naranjo
  4. Chance Roberts

Graduate student Nathan Chase won the best Fisheries presentation award for his talk "Using Otolith Microchemistry to Track Movements of Prairie Stream Fishes in the Pecos River, New Mexico." Visit NMSU.

Graduate Students Matthew Gould and Andrew Lawrence received the 2014 NM TWS Biodiversity Scholarship.

NMSU was represented by 24 undergraduate students, 12 graduate students and post docs, the COOP Unit Faculty (Drs. Colleen Caldwell, James Cain, Scott Carleton, Kenneth Boykin), and Dr. Jennifer Frey.

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