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The mission of the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology at New Mexico State University is to use traditional and emerging scientific methods to prepare students to become competent professionals and to understand the ecology of fish and wildlife and apply this knowledge to their conservation and management. Particular attention is placed on research issues that reflect the unique floral and faunal assemblages and ecosystems of New Mexico and the arid Southwest.


Goal 1 - That the Department's academic curriculum and instruction expands the scope of future options of employment of graduate and undergraduate students, enabling them to beneficially serve the collective interests of society.

  1. To continue to be one of the leading departments in recruiting and graduating a significant number of Native Americans, Hispanics and women.

  2. To provide a rigorous education for undergraduates that adequately prepares them to enter the professional workforce or graduate school.

  3. To produce professionally ethical graduate students who have the potential to assume leadership roles in research and management within local, state and federal agencies and also are qualified to continue graduate study or vie for academic positions both at home and abroad.

Goal 2 - That the Department's research program represents a forum through which researchers, students, and government entities benefit from a co-discovered sense of purpose and desired future conditions for fish and wildlife resources and to manage those resources.

  1. To maintain an active research program that is competitive on national and international levels and that result in publications and technical reports that advance the profession and fish and wildlife management and conservation ecology.

  2. To work collaboratively with the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service program to identify, research, and develop management practices to resolve wildlife management challenges important to ranchers, farmers, natural resource management agencies, and the general public.

  3. To work collaboratively with the U.S.G.S. Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit to solve research and management challenges pertinent to New Mexico wildlife.

  4. To provide expertise and information to state, federal and tribal resource agencies to manage fish and wildlife species and their habitats for sustainable use and public enjoyment.

  5. To be recognized and acknowledged by our peers, the public, conservation organizations and resource agencies as a source of objective, scientifically credible information.

Goal 3 - That the Department's service and outreach help solve problems affecting fish and wildlife resources in New Mexico and the surrounding region.

  1. To work cooperatively and share information with public and private interests to help sustain indigenous biota and manage fish and wildlife resources.

  2. To share information with private individuals and agricultural interests on management of fish and wildlife resources on private lands.

  3. To provide continuing education opportunities for resource professionals.

  4. To be a leader in responding to emerging fish and wildlife-related needs.

  5. To increase leadership roles by faculty in conservation and management planning and in professional societies and organizations that promote the discipline.