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Professional Staff

Jay Gedir
Image of ...Jay Gedir

Appointment: Post-doctoral Researcher

Research Area: Ungulate ecology and management; vertebrate population dynamics; reintroduction and conservation ecology; Bayesian methods.

Office: Knox 128

Phone: 575-646-6896

Email: jgedir@nmsu.edu

Niki Harings
Image of ...Niki Harings

Appointment: Post-doctoral Researcher

Research Area: Reptiles and amphibians

Office: Knox 106

Phone: 575-646-3292

Email: haringsn@nmsu.edu

Robert Lonsinger
Image of ...Robert Lonsinger
Julie Prior-Magee
Image of ...Julie Prior-<agee

Appointment: USGS

Research Area: Data Management Team

Office: Knox 108

Phone: 575-646-1084

Email: jpmagee@nmsu.edu

or jpmagee@usgs.gov

Eric Salas
Image of ...Eric Salas

Appointment: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Waveform LiDAR, Hyperspectral Imaging, Spectroscopy, Remote Sensing, Vegetation Monitoring, GIS

Office: Knox 111

Email: easalas@nmsu.edu