The Malpai Borderlands

Mosaic of Diverse Habitats

The Malpai Borderlands (map below) are located on major political and biotic boundaries. They are located astride the Arizona/New Mexico border just north of the United States/Mexico International Boundary. They are also located in the center of one of the most biotically diverse region in the United States. This is because they stradle the continental divide at the northern terminus of the Mexican Highlands biotic region and the southern edge of the Rocky Mountain biotic region. In addition, they are between the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, and even contain relict vegetation from the high plains. The connection with the Mexican fauna and flora is heightened by the presence of the watershed of the Rio Yaqui and the close proximity of the Northern Sierra Madre Occidentale.

Image of landscapes

At right:

map of malpai borderlands

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