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Melissa Redman

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Year: Senior

Major: HRTM

Dream Job: Event Coordinator for the U.S. Army Family Morale Wellness & Recreation

Favorite NMSU Experience: I have loved meeting new people and making life-long friends. My favorite experiences have been the simple day to day going to class, hanging out with friends, etc. Concerts on campus have been a blast too!

Who is your biggest influence and why? My family is my biggest influence because no matter what, they have always been there for me.

Favorite musical artist: If they wear boots, jeans, and a hat...I like 'em!

Favorite TV Show: Duck Dynasty, Reba, & Army Wives

Favorite extracurricular activity and why? I have loved my experience with the ACES Ambassadors last year and am excited for this year's adventures. I also have enjoyed being the Event Director for NMSU's Relay for Life.

My superpower would be... to eat whatever and always be fit! Ice cream please!