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Current research discussions are presented by Graduate level students and NMSU faculty. Graduate Enrichment Seminar's are only held throughout Spring and Fall Semesters. Seminars will take place in Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200, unless otherwise indicated.

Seminar Speaker Title
January 16 - Mary O'Connell (590/694)Orientation - Amy Cuddy
January 23 - Mr. Nakarin Jeeatid Khon Kaen University, Thailand"Growth, Yield, and Pungency Responses of Capsicum chinense Cultivars to Different Levels of Light Intensity"
January 30 - Curtis MongerAgricultural Geologists and Other Fun Things to Think About
February 6 - Amol Nankar (694)"Biochemical and Agronomic Traits of Borderland Blue Corn"
February 13 - Alison Flores (590)"Saline RO Wastewater Effects Halophyte Species"
February 20 - Yizhi Zhao (590)"Windblown Dust Assessment Along the International Border of Southern New Mexico"
February 27 - Sudhir Singla (590)"Performance of Guar Genotypes Under Different Planting Dates in Desert Southwest"
March 6 - Ella McKinney (590)"Microbial Biomineralization of Calcium Carbonate in the Jornada and Tularosa Basins"
March 13 - Junxin Huang (590)"Phenology Observation, Pollen Germination Test and Nutrients Dynamic during Fruit Maturation of Jujube (Zyziphus jujube Mill.)."
March 20 - Neel Kamal (694)"In Search for Resistance to Iris Yellow Spot in Onions: Pointless Endeavor or Needle in a Haystack?"
March 27 - Spring BreakNo Seminar
April 3 - Spring HolidayNo Seminar
April 10 - Mick O'NeillNMSU/LaSalle University/Columbia
April 17 - Li Jiang (694)"Detection of Allelic Specific Differences for Designing Gene-Targeted Markers to Verticillium Wilt in Chile Peppers (Capsicum sp.)"
April 24 - Wathsala Rajapakse (694)5-Enolpyruvyl-Shikmate-3-Phosphate Synthase - A Target for Increasing Aromatic Amino Acids and Conferring Glyphosate Resistance in Plants
May 1 - AHS 505 (Ryan Goss)TBA
May 8 - Finals WeekNo Seminar