Current research discussions are presented by Graduate level students and NMSU faculty. Graduate Enrichment Seminar's are only held throughout Spring and Fall Semesters. Seminars will take place in Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200, unless otherwise indicated.

Seminar Speaker Title
January 27 at 3:30PM- Dean's open forum (GT auditorium)TBA
February 3 at 3:30PM- Mark Engle, Research Geologist and Chief of the USGS produced and injected waters project, Dept. of Geological Sciences, U.S. Geological Survey/University of Texas at El Paso."Water quality impacts and non-impacts associated with the development and extraction of shale gas and tight oil resources"
February 10 at 3:30PM- Derek Barchenger, NMSU PES student (GT auditorium)"Implementing a universal host differential as a basis for anticipatory breeding for Phytophthora capsici resistance in Capsicum"
February 17 at 3:30PM- Nicholas Webb, Assistant Professor and Physical Scientist, Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences and Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico State University (GT auditorium)"The National Wind Erosion Research Network: Building a standardized long-term data resource to support wind erosion monitoring, assessment and management"
February 24 at 3:30PM- David Benson, Director of the Hydrologic Science and Engineering Program, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines (GT auditorium)"Eliminating the "Scale Effect" from Reactive Transport Simulations: A Purely Lagrangian Particle Tracking and Reaction Method Applied across Core- to Field-Scales at the Schoolcraft (MI) Aquifer Bioremediation Experiment."
March 3 at 3:30PM- Mark Walker, Associate Professor, The Richard L. Hedden Endowed Chair, Dept. of Philosophy, New Mexico State University (GT auditorium)"Occam's Razor and Skepticism: Why Most Scientific Theories are Probably False"
March 10 at 3:30PM- Jim Kubicki,Professor, Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso (GT auditorium)"Molecular Modeling in Environmental Chemistry"
March 17 at 3:30PM- Mary An Lila,Director, Plants for Human Health Institute, David H. Murdock Distinguished Professor, Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, NC State University (GT auditorium)"If food is our medicine, then why aren't we healthy?"
March 24 at 3:30PM - Spring BreakNo Seminar
March 31 at 3:30PM
- Abdelraheem Abdelraheem, NMSU PES student (GT auditorium)
- Marisa Thompson, NMSU PES student

- "Genome wide association mapping for Verticillium Wilt resistance in the U.S. Upland cotton"

- "Plant Growth Regulators for Pecan Orchards"
April 7 at 3:30PM
- Shanta Padhi, NMSU PES student (GT auditorium)

- Yining Bai, NMSU PES student

- "System Dynamic Modeling in Acequia of New Mexico"

- "The key enzyme in sucrose synthesis- Sucrose Phosphate Synthase: Its role in nodule function and Plant performance in alfalfa"
April 14 at 3:30PM- Spring holiday (GT auditorium)No Seminar
April 21 at 3:30PM
- Srijana Dura, NMSU PES students (GT auditorium)

- Lovepreet Singh, NMSU PES students

- "Screening of U.S mini core of peanut for resistance against Sclerotinia blight caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum."
- "Impact of phenotypic selection on the genomic regions affiliated with drought resilience in alfalfa."
April 28 at 3:30PM
- Jered Korfhage, NMSU PES students

- Samuel Fullen, NMSU PES students

- "Ecological drivers of biocrust distribution and abundance in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts."
- "Arsenic and lead total concentrations in legacy mining area irrigation ditch sediments."
May 5 at 3:30PM
-Subhankar Mandal, NMSU PES students (GT auditorium)

- Emily Creegan, NMSU PES students

- "Breeding for Fusarium basal rot resistance in Onion (Allium cepa L.)."
- "Community-to-Farm Organic Waste Utilization: Developing and Analyzing Waste-to-Resource Compost Programs "
May 12 -Exam Week No Seminar