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Current research discussions are presented by Graduate level students and NMSU faculty. Graduate Enrichment Seminar's are only held throughout Spring and Fall Semesters. Seminars will take place in Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200, unless otherwise indicated.

1/17 - Mary O'Connell (590/694)Orientation : Amy cuddy
1/24 - John Mexal "If you come to a fork in the road -- take it."
1/31 - Chris Cramer "There and Back Again"
2/07 - Li Jiang (694)Elucidating the Race Structure of Phytophthora Capsici in New Mexico
2/14 - Sayed Mohmed Gebril (694)"Insight into the regulation of sucrose phosphate synthase and its role along with that of glutamine Synthetase on plant performance - a transgenic approach"
2/21 - Jennifer Smith (694)A genetic analysis of the Chihuahuan Desert mud turtle: species comparison, isolation by distance and conservation implications
2/28 - TBN
3/07 - Sara Moran Duran (590)"Leaf Nickel Nutrition: Photosynthesis Chlorophyll and Lignin"
3/14 - Helena Deswood (590)"Examining the composition of salt glands in aseptically micropropagated Atriplex canscens (Pursh) Nutt"
3/21 - Rhiana Jones/ Harmandeep Sharma (590/590)"Gene Expression Profiles in Capsicum annuum in early stages of Phytophthora capsici"/ "Partial rootzone drying a viable option for sustainable drip irrigated greenhouse chile pepper productin and water conservation"
4/04 - Amol Nankar (694)"Anthocyanins of Blue Corn (Zea mays L.)"
4/11 - A/H/S 505 - S. Singla, W. Schneider, and W. Melton / J. Huang, A. Medina Holguin, and M. O'Connell / Y. Zhao, A. El-Sadek, and S. Guldan(505)Gerald Thomas Hall Auditorium (GT 194) - "Optimum Planting Rate of Alfalfa for Forage Yield in New Mexico" / "Population Analysis of Anemopsis californica in New Mexico: Searching for Anti-cancer Activity in the Desert" / "Alternative Climate Data Sources for Distributed Hydrological Modeling on a Daily Time Step"
4/25 - Wathsala Rajapske (694)"Expressing a mutated gene for 5-enolpyruvyl-shikimate-3-phosphate synthase in chile to develop glyphosate resistance"
5/02 - Mohammad Emad Tahtamouni (694)"Distribution of endophytes along the soil-plant continuum"