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   Yael Lubin, Harvard, AAS National Meeting, 1987

   American Arachnological Society, Rustler Park, 1972

   American Arachnological Society, Rustler Park, 1972

   Bea Vogel and James Carico, New Hampshire, 1987

   Bruce Cutler at Las Cruces

   Edwards, Maddison and Carico

   Grame Wilson and Allen Brady, Mt. Summerford, New Mexico, 1988

   Herb Levi, New Hampshire, 1987

   Jon Reiskind in Welaka, Florida, 1973

   Lorna Levi and Vince Roth, New Hampshire, 1987

   Maria Luisa Jimenez in the Doña Ana Mountains, 1988

   Marsha Conley, Las Cruces AAS Meeting 1988

   Martin Muma, Portal, Arizona

   Otto Kraus, AAS Field trip, Martha's Vinyard, 1987

   David Richman in Caña Gorda, Puerto Rico, 1982

   Vince and Barbara Roth, Gray Ranch, New Mexico

   Wayne Maddison and Family, with G. B. Edwards and Jon Reiskind

   Wayne Maddison hunting spiders, Ocala Forest, Florida

   Willard Whitcomb and Anne Trambarulo in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, 1982

   Willis Gertsch, Portal, Arizona

   Willis Gertsch at Rustler's Park, Chiricahua Mountains (with Lynda Goin,

Julia Richman and Rebecca Richman)

    Brant Opell and Deborah Smith, Beverbrook, NH, 1987

   Jerzy Proszynski at Hollywood, Florida