Current and Recent Past Projects

Spiders of the Arid Southwest

Project with David Allen Dean, Sandra Brantley and Bruce Cutler.

Biological control and arthropod associations of range weeds.

Keys to Salticidae

Project with Bruce Cutler and G. B. Edwards, also Clubionidae, Corinnidae, Liocranidae, Miturgidae, Tengellidae, Anyphaenidae and Zorocratidae (all with Darrell Ubick) for what was at first considered only an update of Roth's Spider Genera of North America. It became a whole new book Finished in 2004. Spiders of North America published in 2005

Spider biodiversity on the Jornada of New Mexico

With Sandra Brantley of the Museum of Southwestern Biology at the University of New Mexico

Revision of the genus Sassacus

This project is now finished after the examination of nearly 2000 specimens from around North America (British Columbia to Central America). A total of nine species were described of which three were new species from Mexico. One of the new species will eventually fall into a new genus associated with the South American "Sassacus" arcuatus group.

Spiders as predators of the Pecan Nut Case Bearer

Spiders as predators of introduced biocontrol agents on Saltcedar

Spiders may affect the success of a introduced beetle for the control of saltcedar in the western United States,