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Central New Mexico Community College
New Mexico State University
CNM /Associate of Arts Degree in Hospitality & Tourism and
NMSU Bachelor of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management
Transfer Agreement
Fall 2009
Students completing the Associate of Arts Degree in Hospitality and Tourism at Central New Mexico Community College can apply those credits and courses directly toward the Bachelor of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management at New Mexico State University

Associate of Arts Degree in Hospitality and Tourism
(Associate of Arts Degree = 74 credit hours)

Bachelor of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management
(128 credit hours minimum)

CNM Course Number (previous course number)

NMSU Course Number

Area I-Communication

(10 credits required)

ENG 1101 (101) College Writing
ENGL 1119 (119) Technical Communications OR
ENG 2219 (219) Technical Writing
COMM 1130 (130) Public Speaking OR
COMM 2221 (221) Interpersonal Communication
ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL 203G Business and Professional Communication OR
ENGL 218G Technical and Scientific Communication
COMM 253G Public Speaking OR
COMM 265G Principles of Human Communication

Area II-Mathematics

(3 credits required)

(Choose one)

MATH 1320 Survey of Mathematics
MATH 1330 Introduction to Probability and Stats
MATH 1315 College Algebra
MATH 1710 Calculus I
MATH 210G Math Appreciation
A ST/STAT 251G Statistics for Business and Behavioral Sciences
MATH 142G Calculus for the Biological and Mgt Sciences
MATH 192G/GL Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

Area III Sciences and Lab

(8 credits required Course MUST include a lab)

(Choose two sets of courses. Each set of courses MUST be equal at least 4 credits)

ASTR 1110 (102) Introduction to Astronomy II
ASTR 1192 (111L) Astronomy Laboratory

BIO 1010 (110) Biology for Non-Majors
BIO 1092 (112L) Biology for Non-Majors Lab

CHEM 1410 (111) Intro to Chemistry
CHEM 1492 (112L) Intro. to Chemistry Lab

CHEM 1710 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1792 General Chemistry I Lab

CHEM 1810 General Chemistry II
CHEM 1892 General Chemistry II Lab

BIO 1110 (111) Environmental Science
BIO 1192 (111L) Environmental Science Lab

PHYS 1510 (151) Physics I
PHYS 1592 (151L) Physics I Lab

PHYS 1610 (152) Physics II
PHYS 1692 (152L) Physics II Lab

PHYS 1710 (160) General Physics I
PHYS 1792 (160L) General Physics I Lab

PHYS 1810 (161) General Physics II
PHYS 1892 (161L) General Physics II Lab
ASTR 110G Introduction to Astronomy

BIOL 211G/211GL Contemporary Problems in Biology

CHEM 110G Principles and Applications of Chemistry

CHEM 111G General Chemistry I

CHEM 112G General Chemistry II

ES 110G Introductory Environmental Science

PHYS 211G/211GL General Physics I

PHYS 212G/212GL General Physics II

PHYS 215G/215GL Engineering Physics I

PHYS 216G/216GL Engineering Physics II

Area IV-Social and Behavioral Sciences

(6-9 credits required * A total of 15 hours required between Areas IV and V)

(Choose 5 courses between Areas IV and V)

ECON 1101 Introduction to Economics
ANTH 1130 (130) Cultures of the World
ANTH 1101 (101) Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 1120 (120) Archaeology: Discovering
ECON 2200 (200) Macroeconomics
ECON 2201 (201) Microeconomics
GEOG 2201 (201) World Regional Geography
GEOG 1102 (102) Human Geography
PSCI 2200 (200) U.S. Politics
PSCI 1110 (110) The Political World
PSY 1105 (105) Introduction to Psychology
SOC 1101 (101) Introduction to Sociology
ECON 201G Introduction to Economics (Required for the degree)
ANTH 125G Introductions to World Cultures
ANTH 201G Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 202G Introduction to Archaeology and Physical Anthropology
ECON 251G Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 252G Principles of Microeconomics
GEOG 112G World Regional Geography
GEOG 120G Culture and Environment
GOVT 100G American National Government
GOVT 110G Introduction to Political Sciences
PSY 201G Introduction to Psychology
SOC 101G Introduction to Sociology

Area V-Humanities and Fine Arts

(6-9 credits required * A total of 15 hours required between Areas IV and V)

(Choose 5 courses between Areas IV and V)

ARTH 1101 (ART 101) Introduction to Art
ARTH 2201 (ART 201) History of Art I
ARTH 2202 (ART 202) History of Art II
ENGL 2221 (221) Creative Writing
HIST 1101 (101) Western Civilization I
HIST 1102 (102 Western Civilization II
HIST 1161 (161) History of the United States I
HIST 1162 (162) History of the United States II
MUS 1139 (139) Early Music Appreciation
MUS 1172 (172) Introduction to Jazz
PHIL 1110 (110) Intro to Philosophical Thought
PHIL 1102 (102) Ethics in Society
PHIL 1156 Logic and Critical Thinking
RLGN 1107 (107) Living World Religions
THEA 1122 (122) Introduction to Theater
ART 101G Orientation in Art
ART 295G History of Art I
ART 296G History of Art II
ENGL 220G Creative Writing
HIST 101G Roots of Modern Europe
HIST 102G Modern Europe
HIST 201G Intro to Early American History
HIST 202G Intro to Recent American History
MUS 101G Intro to Music
MUS 201G History of Jazz in Popular Music
PHIL 201G Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 223G Ethics
PHIL 211G Informal Logic
PHIL 136G The Quest for God
THTR 101G Introduction to Theater


(4 credits required)

SPAN 1101 (101) Beginning Spanish or higher
FREN 1101 (101) Beginning French or higher
SPAN 111 Elementary Spanish I or higher
FREN 1114 Elementary French I or higher

Departmental and Non-Departmental Requirements

HT 1101 Introduction Tourism
HT 2201 Hospitality Operations Management
CULN 1103 Principles of Safety and Sanitation
CULN 1010 Food Production and Service Fundamentals(new)
HT 2141 Marketing of Hospitality Services
ACCT 1111 and ACCT 1112
BA 2234 Organizational Behavior
BA 2238 Human Resources Management
HT 2235 Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry*
HT 1106 Front Office Procedures or (changing to Hotel Operations*
HT 2232 Event Planning*

HRTM 201 Introduction to Tourism
HRTM 221 Introduction to Hospitality Management
HRTM 231 Safety, Sanitation/Health in the Hospitality Industry
HRTM 263 Food Production and Service Fundamentals
HRTM 301 Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Marketing
ACCT 252 Financial Accounting
HRTM 200E HRTM elective
HRTM 200E HRTM elective
HRTM 311 Hospitality Leadership Management*
HRTM 331 Hotel Operations*
HRTM 443 Meetings Conventions and Special Events*
*Courses not accepted for upper division credit. 48 credit hours
must be completed at the 300 level or above.

A minimum of 128 credit hours for Bachelor of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management Degree

(Students must meet with an NMSU

advisor to complete an approved plan of study for the additional credit hours.)

Students should contact NMSUs HRTM Department at (575)646-5995 one to two semesters prior to their expected start date to begin the application process.
This agreement will be reviewed by CNM and NMSU annually.

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