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When people in the world think about arid regions, value added, livestock research, and range management, they need to think of New Mexico State University.

Rolando A. Flores, Dean

Let's Talk

On January 27, 2017 we began a tradition: meeting as a college every six months for me to share with you what I have been doing and have heard. I invite you to speak with me in between those two sessions. At the Spring 2017 session, I summarized what I did over the first six months in ACES, presented the vision that I have for the college, the current focus, and some of the next steps. Following are the highlights of what I presented.

First six months

In my first six-months, I visited all the counties, learned about programs, research and Extension efforts, and met many of you. I am impressed with the natural beautify of the state, the diversity of its people, and the dedication and amount of work we are doing. At the same time, I see that there are some pressing issues on which we have to work.


I want to position this college for the future; however, it will take all of us. We need to be strategic in the areas that we work and maximize the use of our resources. The four pillars listed below are the areas on which we need to focus our efforts so we can positively impact the economic and community development of New Mexico.


Water Use and Conservation, Food and Fiber Production and Marketing, Environmental Stewardship, and Health of New Mexicans.

What is next?

  • As we use science to educate producers, consumers, and the public about a variety of issues, we need to be listening and working very closely with them. Our job is to respond to the needs that our stakeholders have.
  • We also need to understand our own strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats so we can plan and act on those plans.
  • If you want something to be better, share your views about how you think it could be improved.
  • We need to continue working on retention and recruitment so more students benefit from our outstanding faculty.
  • We need to intensify our efforts in getting scholarships and in connecting with industry and alumni because more than 47% of our students come from low income families.


Do we have challenges? Yes. Are they unsurmountable? No. We need to be smart about how we use resources and find ways to work collaboratively, focusing on what is most important for the people of our state.

I am extremely proud to be your Dean.