What is sorbet?

Sorbet is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water flavored with fruit, typically juice or puree.

For those of you avoiding dairy, this is an excellent alternative!

ACES in the Hole Foods makes flavors that are not readily available, such as green chile lime sorbet, as well as consumer favorites like peach sorbet.


ACES in the Hole Foods has 14 sorbet flavor creations. We rotate through most of our flavors, while others are a mainstay (the public has declared their favorites!). ACES in the Hole Foods sorbet can be purchased from Sam Steel Cafe (room 150 in Gerald Thomas), or from room 332.

Sizes and Prices

We sell our sorbet in bulk or wholesale. Sorbet is sold in gallon sizes only. If you are interested in selling our product in smaller sizes in a retail setting contact Whitney Biel at

Price for 1 gallon is dependent upon flavor (ranges from $32.92 to $65.70 per gallon).

Our sorbet can also be purchased from Sam Steel Cafe (room 150) in scoops, pints or half gallons!

Location and Hours of Operation

ACES in the Hole Foods sells gelato, sorbet, blue corn cornbread mix and brownie mix wholesale out of room 332 in Gerald Thomas Hall.

ACES in the Hole Foods Double Chocolate Brownies brownie mix and Blue Corn Cornbread mix is available to order wholesale at any time in Gerald Thomas Hall room 332 or by email at

We sell our gelato and sorbet by the scoop, pint and half gallon through Sam Steel Cafe (Gerald Thomas Hall room 150) Monday through Friday 11 am to 4 pm. Come by the newly opened college store and see what our students have to offer!

If you are wanting to sell our products in your store or provide gelato or sorbet for your special event please contact Whitney Biel by email at