Advisory Team For The Future of Agricultural Research

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October 12, 2017

The ASC Advisory Team held their second meeting on October 12 at the Corona Range and Livestock Research Center. A delicious barbecue lunch was prepared and served by Shad Cox of the Corona Center. After lunch, the team reaffirmed the overall goals and objectives of the committee and reviewed the supplemental information that had been requested during the previous meeting. There was a thorough discussion of how to proceed in assessing each Agricultural Science Center considering how different each center is one to another. Ultimately, it was decided that the Team would divide into subcommittees and each subcommittee would assess a group of ASCs with respect to the following:

  1. Mission - What is the mission of the ASCs and how well are they connected to the mission of ACES and NMSU. How successful each center is in fulfilling their mission? Are their research and outreach goals and objects appropriately aligned with stakeholder needs?
  2. Resources - Are the resources (faulty, staff, operations, facilities, equipment, supplies, land, etc.) of each center sufficient for the center to successfully fulfill their goals and objectives? What additional resources are needed for each center, including a consideration of infrastructure needs and improvements?
  3. Advisory Committees - How have the Advisory Boards developed over time? Who are the members? How does the advisory board function at each of the centers? Are they effective in providing valued input into the research activities of the center?
  4. Communications - How are each of the ASCs communicating the impact of their research programs to stakeholders, legislators, the public, potential research partners and funding agencies, and within NMSU?

See the minutes for more details and for subcommittee assignments.

July 19, 2017

The first meeting of the Advisory Committee to assess the future of Agricultural Research met on Wednesday, July 19 at the Bernalillo County Extension Office. The Committee received a welcome from Dean Rolando Flores and he briefed the team on the overall goals and objectives for this critically important committee. He emphasized the need to do a comprehensive review of the Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) and the Agricultural Science Centers (ASCs), including funding, staffing, facilities, research activities, and community/industry partnerships.

Following the Dean's briefing, Steve Loring provided some background information for the committee on the mission of AES and the ASCs. He discussed the reasons why the ASCs are located where they are, how they are funded, and noted that each center has local support from clientele groups and from their legislative representatives.

The team then engaged in an open discussion on these topics. From the discussion, additional information was requested prior to the next committee meeting. The background information requested includes more information on current research efforts, real estate appraisals for each of the centers, and a one-page white paper from each of the ASC's on their sustainability over the next 5 - 10 years (what do they need to ensure they are able to continue to meet the needs of their clientele). Additionally, the team is interested in learning about what other states are doing regarding this same topic. The information requested will be provided to the committee by September 15 and the next Committee Meeting will be held October 12 at the Corona Ranch.

Please see the minutes for more detailed information.

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Advisory Team

  • Natalie Goldberg, Interim Associate Dean and AES Director | Co-Chair
  • Steve Loring, AES Associate Director | Co-Chair/Facilitator
  • Bruce Davis, Rancher, member of the Advisory Board at Clayton
  • Roland Sanchez, MD from Belen
  • Dino Cervantes, Chile Processor, Las Cruces
  • Blake Curtis, Seed Producer, Clovis
  • Dina Chacón-Reitzel, NM Beef Council
  • Craig Ogden, NM Farm & Livestock Bureau
  • Shad Cox, Superintendent Corona
  • Steve Guldan, Superintendent Alcalde
  • Jane Pierce, Assoc. Professor Artesia ASC
  • Shengrui Yao, Assoc. Professor Alcalde ASC
  • Dave Lowry, Farm Manager Leyendecker
  • Aaron Scott, Farm Manager Clovis
  • Stephanie Walker, Assoc. Professor EPS
  • Clint Loest, Professor ANRS
  • Jerry Sims, Department Head EPPWS

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