Advisory Team For The Future of Agricultural Research

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July 19, 2017

The first meeting of the Advisory Committee to assess the future of Agricultural Research met on Wednesday, July 19 at the Bernalillo County Extension Office. The Committee received a welcome from Dean Rolando Flores and he briefed the team on the overall goals and objectives for this critically important committee. He emphasized the need to do a comprehensive review of the Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) and the Agricultural Science Centers (ASCs), including funding, staffing, facilities, research activities, and community/industry partnerships.

Following the Dean's briefing, Steve Loring provided some background information for the committee on the mission of AES and the ASCs. He discussed the reasons why the ASCs are located where they are, how they are funded, and noted that each center has local support from clientele groups and from their legislative representatives.

The team then engaged in an open discussion on these topics. From the discussion, additional information was requested prior to the next committee meeting. The background information requested includes more information on current research efforts, real estate appraisals for each of the centers, and a one-page white paper from each of the ASC's on their sustainability over the next 5 - 10 years (what do they need to ensure they are able to continue to meet the needs of their clientele). Additionally, the team is interested in learning about what other states are doing regarding this same topic. The information requested will be provided to the committee by September 15 and the next Committee Meeting will be held October 12 at the Corona Ranch.

Please see the minutes for more detailed information.

October 12, 2017

The AES Advisory Team met at the Corona Range and Livestock Research Center on October 26, 2017. During this meeting, the team discussed how to move forward in assessing the ASCs. Many options were discussed, and it was decided that subcommittees would be developed around sub-groups of the ASCs. The team was divided into three subcommittees as follows:

  • Northern Subcommittee (Sustainable Agricultural Science Center at Alcalde, John T. Harrington Forestry Research Center at Mora, Agricultural Science Center at Farmington, and Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas)
  • Southern - Eastern Subcommittee (Fabian Garcia Research Center, Leyendecker Plant Science Center, Agricultural Science Center at Artesia, Agricultural Science Center at Clovis and Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari)
  • Animal Facility Subcommittee (Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center, Corona Range and Livestock Research Center and Clayton Livestock Research Center) The teams were tasked with reviewing their group of ASCs with respect to the following:
  • Metrics - how do we compare one ASC to another? Are there common metrics that make sense to use so that we can make a judgment that is based on data and not just on subjective options? Who is the audience for these decisions?
  • Assessment for the success of the ASCs - Are the research goals and objectives of each center meeting needs of clientele? How are the ASCs connected to the overall mission of NMSU and ACES? How are the ASCs integrated with CES and the academic programs?
  • Resources - What are the resources needs for research, operations, and infrastructure improvements across the centers? How can we increase resources for the centers?
  • Advice/input from stakeholders - How do we ensure that we are meeting the needs of our stakeholders?
  • Communication - how do we communicate our impacts? Within NMSU? To Legislators? To stakeholders and the public? To funding agencies and potential research partners?

The ASC Advisory Team will meet in April to review the reports of the subcommittees.

See the minutes for more details and for subcommittee assignments.

April 2, 2018

The AES Advisory Team met at the Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas on April 2, 2018. Each of the ASC Subcommittee's presented a report on their approach to assessing their subgroup of ASCs. Each team had a unique approach to the task. The Team also discussed the Legislative Finance Report that had recently been released. The Team determined the follow information needs to be gathered for each ASC:

  • A description of how each ASC Advisory Board functions
  • The primary stakeholders for each ASC
  • The economic value of the primary agricultural commodities produced near each of the ASCs
  • The stakeholders general perception of each ASC
  • The strength and weakness of each ASC
  • The new agricultural enterprises might develop near each ASC and the ASC needs in order to be prepared to address stakeholder needs in this area
  • How each ASC communicates their efforts/impacts to NMSU administrators, legislators, stakeholders, the public, funding agencies, and research partners
  • What makes each ASC unique
  • The resources needed to sustain and grow each ASC
  • The current sources of funding for each ASC
  • The opportunities for increased or new sources of funding at each ASC
  • The greatest impacts (including economic impacts) of each ASC over the past 5 years
  • The effect of closing each ASC on the stakeholders and the community

Much of this information is already known and a report document will be developed for each ASC. The document will be sent to the ASC superintendents to fill in the information that is still needed. The ASC Advisory Team will meet in July to discuss these ASC reports and establish a method for developing the final report of this committee.

Please see the minutes for more detailed information.

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Advisory Team

  • Natalie Goldberg, Interim Associate Dean and AES Director | Co-Chair
  • Steve Loring, AES Associate Director | Co-Chair/Facilitator
  • Bruce Davis, Rancher, member of the Advisory Board at Clayton
  • Roland Sanchez, MD from Belen
  • Dino Cervantes, Chile Processor, Las Cruces
  • Blake Curtis, Seed Producer, Clovis
  • Dina Chacón-Reitzel, NM Beef Council
  • Craig Ogden, NM Farm & Livestock Bureau
  • Shad Cox, Superintendent Corona
  • Steve Guldan, Superintendent Alcalde
  • Jane Pierce, Assoc. Professor Artesia ASC
  • Shengrui Yao, Assoc. Professor Alcalde ASC
  • Dave Lowry, Farm Manager Leyendecker
  • Aaron Scott, Farm Manager Clovis
  • Stephanie Walker, Assoc. Professor EPS
  • Clint Loest, Professor ANRS
  • Jerry Sims, Department Head EPPWS

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