ASC Farmington Overview

Of the 254 acres comprising the Agricultural Science Center at Farmington, 170 acres are under cultivation. Over 100 crops have been grown at the Center since its inception in 1966. Many crops, which produce well in northwestern New Mexico, are not grown in the area because of market prices at the time of harvest, high transportation costs to a suitable market, personnel unfamiliar with production practices, etc. The Center currently receives water from the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project to irrigate crops by sprinkler systems (center pivots, solid set, and side roll) and drip or microirrigation. Earlier, irrigation systems also included flood but that was impractical on the Center’s sandy soils. Agricultural productivity within NIIP is carried out by the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) and is managed as a single farm. Close collaborative links are maintained with NAPI through varietal testing of alfalfa beans, canola, chile, corn, onions, potatoes, small grains, and other economically important crops.


Serving the agricultural needs for the San Juan River basin of northwest New Mexico and the Four Corners region since 1966. The Agricultural Science Center at Farmington consists of 254 acres leased from the Navajo Nation. It is the only agricultural research facility, in the state of New Mexico, that is on the western side of the Continental Divide. The Center is located approximately seven miles southwest of Farmington, (36 degrees 4' N by 108 degrees W) at an elevation of 5,640 ft.

ASC Farmington Map

NMSU Agricultural Science Center at Farmington
ASC Farmington Location Map