Animal Protection

Animal health and wellbeing are paramount concerns for animal producers and recreational animal users, and to the security of the nations food and fiber industries.

New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station scientists are investigating how to maintain animal health by examining nutritional intake or by controlling insect pests and disease vectors.

Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Information on USDA-funded projects may be found by using the assisted search option on the USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS).
Flies Impacting Livestock, Poultry and Food Safety Ron Byford Federal (Animal Health) and State Appropriations
Amino Acid Supplementation for Stressed Calves Clint Loëst Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Impact of Management Practices and Nutrition on Equine Health Jason Turner Federal (Animal Health) and State Appropriations
Natural Product Effects on Blood Feeding Arthropods Mark Wise Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations

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