Economic Development/Business

New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station scientists are working to improve our understanding and implementation of these practices for small- and large-scale producers.

Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Information on USDA-funded projects may be found by using the assisted search option on the USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS).
Exploring Opportunities of Agribusiness Firms to Enhance Long-Term Profitability Ram Acharya Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Economics of Sustainable Farming Practices and Systems in New Mexico Constance Falk Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Forage Fiber Tradeoff on Pion-Juniper Woodlands in New Mexico John Fowler Federal (McIntire-Stennis) and State Appropriations
Investigations on Effective Policy and Management of Hydro-Economic Environmental (HEE) Systems Brian Hurd Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
W2190: Water Policy and Management Challenges in the West Brian Hurd, Frank Ward Federal Appropriation (Multistate Hatch)
Exploring and Analyzing Opportunities for Value-Added New Mexico Agricultural Products Jay Lillywhite Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Improving Economic Returns and Long-Run Sustainability in a Rapidly Growing, Peri-Urban, Multicultural, Traditional Farming Community Rhonda Skaggs et al. USDA-NIFA Competitive Grant
Social, Economic, and Ecological system Dynamics and Structural Change in Southwestern U.S. Irrigated and Rangeland Agriculture Rhonda Skaggs Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
W1192: Economic, Social, and Ecological Issues of Rangeland Fragmentation that Affect Rangeland Sustainability and Rural Communities Allen Torell Federal Appropriation (Multistate Hatch)

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