The signature crop of New Mexico, chile production is under pressure from foreign growers. New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station researchers are working to improve profitability for the states industry by breeding for color, flavor, and disease resistance.

Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Information on USDA-funded projects may be found by using the assisted search option on the USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS).
Genetic Improvement of Chile Pepper (Capsicum) Germplasm for New Mexico Paul Bosland Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Prevention of Soilborne Disease in Irrigated Agriculture Paul Bosland Federal Appropriation (Multistate Hatch)
Biotechnology Approaches for Crop Improvement in NM Stephen Hanson Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Chile for Sustainable Crop Production and Environmental Protection William Lindemann Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Cataloging Genes Associated with Drought and Disease Resistance, NM Mary O'Connell Federal Special Grant

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