Climate and Precipitation

The Corona Range and Livestock Research Center has been recording data since about 1989. Dr. Allen Torell has been compiling all data available from the CRLRC and it will soon be available in printed summary format. Dr. Torell has also developed an independent site for archive and download of all current longterm climate and precipitation data. At this time the CRLRC has two automated weather stations that record and compile hourly climate data accessible via two other independent websites (one with a 1 hour delay, the other with a 24 hour delay), two automated weather stations periodically downloaded and archived (approx. 2 month intervals), seven manually read precipitation gauges that are recorded after each event and are periodically updated and various other rain gauges and soil moisture probes. Below are links to Dr. Torell's CRLRC climate database and the two online weather stations, as well as, various publications on climate and precipitation.

Climate Data

Corona Range and Livestock Research Center Climate Database

Currently, two automated weather stations are located on the ranch and are accessible over the web.

Wind Graphs from NRCS SCAN Adams Ranch site located on CRLRC, provided by

Current Wind Conditions at CRLRC

Yearly Wind Summary at CRLRC

Four Day Wind Forecast for CRLRC

Clickable Map of Other Wx Sta in the Corona Region

Below are publications on CRLRC climate, weather and precipitation