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Field Day Proceedings

The Corona Range and Livestock Research Center has hosted three major field days that highlighted research and demonstrations conducted at the center. The most current field day was hosted in 2008 and below you will find information and links on the most recent completed or nearly completed projects and their results. The Center currently hosts major field days every three years, the next being held in June 9, 2011, with educational programs in the years between. The proceedings of 2008, 2005 and 1997 Field Day's are available at the bottom of the page. Check out the Events and Announcements page to the left for dates of our next event.

2011 CRLRC Field Day Sponsors

Thank you to the following for their help sponsoring and assisting us to insure a successful event for the 95 people attending:

  • Paul's Vet Supply
  • Corona FFA Chapter
  • Corona Trading Company
  • Crown Cowbells

2011 Maps and Charts

2011 Research Summaries and Results


Presented Papers

Presented Posters


Presented Papers

Presented Posters

Livestock efficiency

Presented Papers

Presented Posters

2008 CRLRC Field Day Sponsors

These sponsors helped insure a successful Field Day for the 210 people attending:

  • Shell Wind Energy, Inc. - Lunch Sponsor
  • Alderman Cave Nutritional Solutions - Morning Coffee and Donuts Sponsor
  • Paul's Veterinary Supply - Bottled Drinking Water Sponsor

A special thanks to:

  • Corona FFA Chapter and Corona Public Schools - Chair and Table Rental/Setup
  • Crown Cowbells - Providing an excellent beef lunch
  • Corona Trading Company - Special ordering and pricing

2008 Maps and Charts

2008 Research Summaries and Results


Presented Papers
Presented Posters


Presented Papers
Presented Posters


Presented Papers
Presented Posters

2005 CRLRC Field Day Sponsors

These sponsors helped to insure a successful Field Day for the 195 people attending:

  • Alderman-Cave Feeds
  • Claunch-Pinto Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Corona Trading Company
  • Paul's Vet Supply
  • Southwest Dairy Producers

A Special Thanks to:

  • Corona FFA
  • Corona Public School Bus Contractors
  • Corona Public Schools
  • Crown Cowbelles


2005 Research Summaries and Results

Previous Field Day Proceedings