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AES Graduate Research Awards

DEADLINE: April 30, 2014. Awards will be announced by May 9.

The AES graduate research awards are intended to further the mission of ACES and the AES by expanding research that will benefit the citizens of NM. These assistantships will help attract and train outstanding graduate students to understand the complexities and value of quality research.

$20,000 per year will be awarded to winning Faculty advisors. Funding for research assistantships (PhDs and/or MS) will be available on July 1 or on January 1 depending on graduate student availability. There will be a $40,000 maximum benefit per student -i.e., 2 years at $20K/year or 4 years at $10k/year. Once a student completes their degree the PI will need to compete for new funding. PIs from any ACES department requiring a research thesis/dissertation may apply.

Awards are only to be used for graduate student salary associated with research; however, PIs are encouraged to match or increase the RA stipends with grant funding to attract quality students to their programs. There is an opportunity to increase the award by up to $4,000 in operations/travel funding per year for any project working at one of our distant "off-campus" science and research centers including Corona, Mora, Farmington, Clovis, Tucumcari, Artesia, Alcalde, Clayton, or Los Lunas.

PIs receiving each award will need to submit a written report by December 10 of each grant year to qualify for funding in the next cycle.

To apply for an AES Graduate Research Award, include the following (2 page maximum):

  1. PI name, department, email.
  2. Student name and contact information (if known, this is optional).
  3. Funding details - start date (Jan 1 or July 1); requested budget and timeline.
  4. Research Project Description or Proposed Area of Research:
  • a. Why is the project important?
  • b. What will the student be doing?
  • c. How will this help the state of NM?
  • d. How might this leverage future funding for your program?

Send application to Teri Diaz, tediaz@nmsu.edu, by April 30, 2014. Awards will be announced by May 9.