Plant Protection

Plant diseases affect the yield and economic return of all crops. New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station scientists are investigating how to maintain plant health by breeding for disease resistance, or by controlling insect pests and disease vectors.

Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Information on USDA-funded projects may be found by using the assisted search option on the USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS).
Prevention of Soilborne Disease in Irrigated Agriculture Paul Bosland Federal Special Grant
Biology and Integrated Pest Management of Arthropods in New Mexico Field Crops C. Scott Bundy Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
W1008: Biology and Management of Iris Yellow Spot Virus (IYSV) and Thrips in Onions Christopher Cramer Federal Appropriation (Multistate Hatch)
Biological and Integrated Control of New Mexico Vegetables and Fruit Pests Tessa Grasswitz Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Integrated Pecan Orchard Management Systems Research Richard Heerema Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Development and Adaptation of Integrated Pest management Practices for Annual and Perennial Western Crops with Emphasis in High Value Crops Brad Lewis Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Optimizing Insect Pest Management in a Western Semi-Arid Alfalfa, Cotton, Pecan System Jane Breen Pierce Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Genetic and Molecular Marker Strategies to Enhance Breeding for Multiple Disease Resistance in Maize Richard Pratt
Managing Plant Microbe Interactions in Soil to Promote Sustainable Agriculture Soum Sanogo Federal Appropriation (Multistate Hatch)
Parasitic Nematodes in New Mexico Stephen Thomas Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations

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