Rangeland research is at the intersection of plant ecology and livestock/wildlife grazing and interactions. A large part of New Mexico lands are classified as range grasslands, so New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station scientists are heavily involved in rangeland-related research.

Title Principal Investigator Funding Source
Information on USDA-funded projects may be found by using the assisted search option on the USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS).
Prescribed Fire Effects on Vegetation and Small Mammals in Mixed Scrub Grasslands on the San Andres National Wildlife US Fish & Wildlife Service
WERA040: Application and Utility of the Ecological Site and Condition Concept for Monitoring Rangeland Ecological Status in the Western U.S. Federal Appropriation (Multistate Hatch)
Systematic and Floristic Studies of Southwestern Plants Kelly Allred Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Biogeography and Biodiversity: Populations in Patchy and Fragmented Landscapes Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Management of Cattle Behavior to Achieve Specific Goals: Use of Adapted Animals and Prescribed Grazing Derek Bailey Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Integrated Approaches for Targeting Cattle Grazing to Improve Ecosystem Services Derek Bailey USDA-NIFA Competitive Grant
A Hierarchical, Geospatial Approach to Mitigate Shrub Invasion in the Southwestern United States Brandon Bestelmeyer USDA Competitive Grant
Factors that Influence Foraging Behavior of Domestic Ungulates Andres Cibils Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Population and Community Structure of Grassland and Shrub-Adapted Avifauna of the Chihuahuan Desert and Great Plains Ecoregions Martha Desmond Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Source-Sink Dynamics in Grassland Bird Populations across Great Plains Prairie Dog colonies: Implications for Biological Diversity and Livestock Martha Desmond et al. USDA-NIFA Competitive Grant
Effects of Two Stocking Levels on Cattle Production, Forage Production, and Financial Returns on the Chihuahuan Desert Jerry Holechek Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Preserving Connectivity among Protected Lands across the Border Region of the American Southwest Gary Roemer Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Social, Economic, and Ecological System Dynamics and Structural Change in Federal (Hatch) and State Appropriations
Southwestern U.S. Irrigated and Rangeland Agriculture
Economic, Social, and Ecological Issues of Rangeland Fragmentation that Affect Rangeland sustainability and Rural Communities L. Allen Torell Federal Appropriation (Multistate Hatch)

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