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Image of flags from various countries

Countries & Colleges of NMSU students supported by Aggies Go Global

Argentina: ACES & Arts/Sciences

Austria: Arts/Sciences

Australia: ACES

Belgium: ACES

Belize: ACES & Arts/Sciences

Bolivia: Engineering

Brazil: Arts/Sciences

Cambodia: Education, Health & Social Welfare

Cameroon: ACES

Canada: Arts/Sciences & Education

Chile: Arts/Sciences

China: Arts/Sciences

Costa Rica: Education

Czech Republic: Arts/Sciences

Ecuador: Health & Social Welfare

England: ACES

Falkland Island: Grad School

Finland: Arts/Sciences

Frances: ACES

Galapagos Islands: Arts/Sciences

Germany: ACES

Ghana: Arts/Sciences

Guatemala: Arts/Sciences

Hungary: Arts/Sciences

India: Health & Social Welfare

Israel: Health & Social Welfare

Italy: Business

Japan: Arts/Sciences

Jordan: Arts/Sciences

Kenya: ACES

Mexico: ACES

Morocco: Arts/Sciences

Namibia: ACES

Netherlands: Arts/Sciences

Nicaragua: ACES & Engineering

Norway: Education

Paraguay: ACES

Peru: Arts/Sciences

Rwanda: ACES

Spain: Engineering & Arts/Sciences

South Africa: Arts/Sciences

Tanzania: Grad School

Uganda: ACES

Uruguay: Arts/Sciences

Vietnam: ACES