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World Student Alliance of NMSU

The World Student Alliance is a group of individuals who want to organize and connect students who see the benefit of international experiences. They will work to increase program funding for undergraduate international learning experiences. They will also foster a positive environment for international discussions and to expand networking with the campus' international population. The group meets every two weeks and brings a speaker to each meeting to talk about a personal overseas experience. The group assists in sponsoring panel presentations and cultural events, in addition to collaborating with other related organizations at NMSU and other institutions across the state.

Current Officers

  • Kristin Corl - President
  • Chelsea Canon - Vice-President
  • Jessica Schnedar - Secretary
  • Joseph Holmesmeyer - Treasurer

World Student Alliance of NMSU Faculty Co-Advisors:
Gary R. Lowe

Lowell Catlett
ACES Dean/Chief Administrative Officer

The 2009 founding officers of the World Student Alliance of NMSU were:

  • President: Casey O'Neil
  • Vice-President: Morgan R. Nelson
  • Secretary: Jeremy Kilburn
  • Treasurer: Monica Castaneda
  • Member-at-Large: Callie Coble

Image of World Student Alliance Students at AGG Fundraiser
Image of World Student Alliance Students at International Fair
Image of Model UN team in Beijing
Image of Traditional Middle Eastern Dress at International Fair