Beef Quality Assurance


Step 1: New Mexico Trained Producer

To become a New Mexico BQA Trained Producer, you must complete and pass the BQA Certification Test. This can be accomplished by going to your local County Extension Office where the brief written test will be administered. If you are unfamiliar with Beef Quality Assurance principles, you will need to view the BQA Training Module before taking the test. In fact, all producers are encouraged to do this. You can do this at the local extension office or here on-line by viewing "Training Module."

Step 2: New Mexico Certified BQA Producer

The second step in the program is to become a New Mexico BQA Certified Producer. This step can only be completed after satisfactorily completing the requirements to become a New Mexico BQA Trained Producer as outlined above. Certified Producers must complete two additional documents, the VCPR document and the Critical Management Plan/Affidavit of Compliance The completion of these two documents are the producer's way of certifying that he/she agrees to follow proper BQA guidelines in cattle production.

To view the BQA Training Module, click here.

(Note: Viewing the entire BQA Training Module may take from 1 to 2 hours. You may view portions of the module and return later to complete viewing at any time.)