Customized Logos County CES Offices

BE BOLD. Shape the Future
Logos sets below feature the new university tagline.

Customized logo packages have been developed and formatted for several purposes. Your customized county logos are organized in the following folders.

Logo files are compressed in a .zip file. They automatically download to your desktop or into your downloads folder, depending on how your computer preferences are set up.

  • For commercial printers (NOTE: These are the files used to create the vertical and horizontal versions of your office logo. They look exactly like the JPG versions. Commercial printers are able to enlarge the EPS versions of the logos-without distortion-if you'd like to have large format projects printed.)
  • For email signature
  • For use larger than 1 inch
  • For use smaller than 1 inch

If you have any questions about the graphics, please contact Ana Henke, Senior Media Specialist, Marketing and Communications at, 575-646-1174.

CES General Logos

The JPG versions are good for promotional materials that will be printed.

The PNG versions are low resolution and should only be used in online/emailed promotional materials. The PNG version has a transparent background and can be placed on pages or slides with a different colored background.

If you plan to print large posters, banners, tablecloths, etc., contact Ana Henke at for an EPS version.

Click your county name to download your collection (.zip file) of customized ACES logos.

  • Las Vegas Extension & Research Youth Agricultural Science Center

Tribal Extension