Proposal Submissions

Effective October 1, 2003
"The NMSU Board of Regents requires that all proposed projects must be approved by Central Administration and signed by college administrators prior to agency submission."
- Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Central Administration must now also approve proposed projects; therefore, ALL Proposals (solicited and unsolicited applications to external agencies or individuals, public or private, for support of University research) must come through the Office of Business and Resource Planning - Pre Award Department (GT 238) for administrative signatures and submission to Central Administration.

To efficiently carry out this new procedure, a well-planned timetable for proposal assembly and approval guarantees its submission by the sponsor's deadline. When a member of the University staff wishes to undertake research involving the use of the University's facilities, or when funds are to be used to support undergraduate or graduate students who are to be engaged as a part of their educational experience, the University considers the activity to be part of research and shall apply the following procedures:

Beginning the Submission Process (At least 15 working days before the agency deadline)

It is important to call The Office of Business and Resource Planning (OBRP) to have a contract administrator assist you in preparing your proposal budget and submission materials. The OBRP office supports the investigator in the development of the proposal, particularly in developing the budget for the project. Be prepared to provide the name of the sponsor and the proposal due date. When you meet with OBRP, please bring the following items:

  • draft copy of your proposal
  • sponsor guidelines (RFP) for solicited proposals or the name of the sponsor point of contact for unsolicited proposals
  • Proposal Award Form and Export Control Assurance Form
  • preliminary budget worksheet

To prevent misunderstandings and delays, communication between you and OBRP personnel is essential throughout the proposal development and submission process.

Delivery of Proposal

OBRP will assemble the final proposal and submission materials, and arrange the delivery of your proposal to the funding organization.

Award Notification

If an award is subsequently made, the Office of Business and Resource Planning shall administer it, account for it, and report it in accordance with procedures and regulations in force at the time.

Review and Sign-Of

After the proposal package is reviewed and completed, OBRP will route to the appropriate university officials for review and approval. (As a reminder: All proposals must be reviewed and approved by Central Administration and college administrators prior to agency submission; therefore please bring in the draft proposal and necessary forms at least 15 working days before the agency deadline.)


If you need assistance please stop by or call the pre-award office at 646-8097.